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Kranial Games Mappack #1 Preview

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    Kranial Games Mappack #1 Preview

    Kranial Games presents first fruits of our work named...

    Kranial Games Mappack #1

    We plan to deliver pack with solid maps and with some of our aquisitions we dare to say we WILL deliver! :-) Don't be scared if you see some alpha-state images because we have at least 7 weeks of work before us (maybe more). Check the official preview info and/or visit our forum.

    Brief show follows (alphabetical order):

    CyMek takes you to CTF-KG-Decrepit:

    Virgo47 presents CTF-KG-RGB:

    Pipux with his ancient DM-KG-Krotonx:

    N3oDoc with KaMi and their last DM-KG-LastCrusader:

    Green Loves and his secret work DM-KG-Ore!

    Hointar is bringing ONS-KG-LunarSurvey to you:

    Aside from mappers we enjoy support (models, graphics design, etc) by Bob The Beheader, Derjan and Evolution - and in the future maybe even more!

    Stay tuned... March (or April?) will deliver the pack and you can expect one more preview in... let's say 4 weeks?

    Lookin good Virgo, so this has been what all the mapping thread at BuF were over huh???


      I'm responsible only for one of them and I guess the most of my skill was gained up to the Taboo release (my previous one). ;-)

      But yes, when I ask something I obviously work on a map. :-)


        Whoa, the creator of taboo and geretho (wich i remember beta testing)! Looks really nice, looking forward to a release

        Neodoc, kami and cymec i also have not forgotten


          eviL! :-) I was browsing fora a while ago and I couldn't see your name and I thought that you're kinda dead. ;-) Nice to see you.

          Don't you want test maps for us? :-) Or create a promo video later? :-))) :-P


            I'm still there, just not as active as i used to be. I just kinda lurk a little I'd feel honored to help you, feel free to contact me about it


              the maps looks quality but TBH I don't think anyone be playing them. Most ctf servers just have Faceclassic.

              its annoying


                Yeah, this really is diagnosis without a remedy. However I'm aiming my maps for communities where the change is appreciated - and I know that on BuF there are many people who want new 5v5 CTF map for instance. On FragBU events new maps are played... so rather little success within enlightened community. :-)

                We hardly can want that UT2004 starts to be played again because of our pack - with all public servers installing it. :-P Unlucky. :-)


                  Originally posted by [CALIBUR] View Post
                  the maps looks quality [...]
                  Uhm, I don't want to complain, but I have to disagree. The screenshots on the site are probably from work-in-progress versions of the maps, at least that's what I hope, because some of them seem to have the details complexity of UT1 maps.


                    You're right Wormbo... only Decrepit and LastCrusader are maps that can be considered nice. ;-) Some of RGB areas are nice - but there is a long way to come still. The other maps are more or less alphas. We'll be back in march with much better looking shots. ;-)

                    Lately I played LastCrusade and I have to say that the map is very promising and also fast (good FPS for all the beauty). Of course we wanna provide more than this to make this pack worth a download.