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    Being left handed I ended up using IJKL for movement, U for shock, O for lightning, ; for link, ' for mini, / for flak, . for rockets, H for bio, shield and the other guns are on my mouse.

    I tried numpad for CS and FEAR but couldn't get used to it.


      Question one; Just look for new servers on the internet tab, try them out, and if you like them, add to favourites. If there are some ******** or otherwise it's a server you do not like, you can always leave and find another.

      For question two; If you like to see more happenings around you, turn weapons to hidden, less **** on your screen.

      Question three; I've been playing okay with no binds, just the scrollwheel. (I've never cared to learn the bind things... )

      Have fun with UT2004. :thumbsup:


        So right now I have an MX518 and also use all of my buttons on it. I planned to upgrade to a newer mouse, but they don't have as many buttons?
        So anyone know of a new mouse with this many buttons ?


          the mx1000, while being a cordless mouse had the best button setup. 3 thumb buttons, scrollers above and below the wheel, and tilt. The 3 thumb buttons rocked. LG, Shock, Flak across the thumb buttons. front scroller Link, back scroll drop wep, wheel up Rockets, wheeldown, Mini. left tilt Bio/AR, right tilt SG. (the tilt on the mx1000 feels better too)

          All the weapons were on separate buttons which was very nice. I still use that mouse on my other computer, ive constitered going back to it but the weight is a little too heavy.