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    Ok, so am I, thanks!


      Tips for a better video:

      1. Drop vehicles altogether. Vehicles are generally boring to watch and provide absolutely no "wow" factor in a video.
      2. Don't insert audio announcements where they do not belong. ie: wicked sick, dominating, godlike announcements etc were added onto frags that didn't show the same text announcement on screen, clearly misleading you into believing it actually was a spree.
      3. Uptempo dance music does not work in frag videos. Even more so when the music comes from another video game.
      4. Provide better content. A good frag video needs good frags. You can't expect to get the quality frags needed to make a good video in 2 nights worth of demo recording. No offense, but the majority of kills in this video I believe most people here can achieve very easily......... left handed........... with a trackball.......... and one eye closed.......... while sneezing.
      5. Don't give up. Your first attempt was not too bad and i'll be looking forward to something in the future.