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UT2004 Stats site down???

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    UT2004 Stats site down???'s been down for like 2 days...w...t..f....

    right when i break 1000 for world the site goes down. whoop dee doo.

    any admin know why or person....?

    I haven't checked the stats page for a couple of months really...


      Look, why don't they just make stats tracking client side, and then allow you to update the server by pressing "Update Server with New Stats" button, or something like that. That way if the server is offline, you still have your stats, which can be updated when the server comes back online. They could make the program native (secure) so you can't fake your stats. The game could print an HTML or text file of your stats and could display a detailed array of stats on your matchs. Then you can go online and see how you rank amoung other players.

      EDIT: Looks like someone already mentioned a similar idea...


        Because if they did that Mr A. Hacker would occupy all the top 100 slots in every gametype.



          No doubt.


            This forum was down earlier today...

            Yeah this sux I had a good night playing DM last nite.

            There's two kinds of downage for the stats page - either it doesn't load at all or it loads with a message saying it is down. In this case the page does not load at all.


              I'll let them know there is a problem, thanks.