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How to WIN every game of UT without trying.

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    How to WIN every game of UT without trying.

    It's very simple and never fails. It does not involve hacks or cheats.
    When you join a server proclaim yourself the greatest gamer to have ever lived.

    Daddy_Warhol: I'm easily the bestest most 1337est player here, you noobs cannot even be compared to my unbelievable l33tness.

    Then when you get a reply along these lines:

    Stu90: Shut-up Warhol you have 3 kills and 16 deaths.

    Simply say this:

    Daddy_Warhol[You]: The only way you can possibly win against me is by being a basement dweller whose life revolves around playing UT for 18 hours a day.

    Stu90: Shut-up you |=4GG.

    Stu90 blew Daddy_warhol away with an Avril

    Daddy_Warhol: Even when you kill me I win you luser!