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    Originally posted by NoFanboy
    People just wanted well designed skins that didn't blend into the background so easily and could be seen at a reasonable distance. The goofy looking overlit skins we have now were not requested by the community, they were Epic's idea. A quick and easy hack since they couldn't be bothered to fix the real problem (poor skin designs).
    1. They were requested by the community.

    2. He was talking about the TTM bright skins, not Epic's.




        Originally posted by Mysterial
        I'll assume you mean "there's some possibility for attackers to take unexpected paths" because any attempt at a stealth element in an Unreal game will get what UT2003 got: "OMFG TEH PLAYERS DON'T GLOW LIKE A 200-WATT LIGHT BULB, WTF EPIC FIX NOW KTHX!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!"

        And if that is what you meant, the answer is yes
        I meant stealth as in having some routes that are partly hidden from defenders, and or that protect better protection from defenders because they wouldn't be able to track the attackers all the way. Such routes should be balanced out compared to more straightforward ways. They could either be riskier to use (traps or deadly jumps to perform) or be a bit of a longer run.

        I am well aware about the skin visibility problems, and I have tried to address that in my own skin production.


          Originally posted by willhaven
          you see... i HAD to make asthenosphere tight and enclosed to make sure NOBODY could hammer their way in

          i was forced, by the exploits of the gametype, to put a bandaid on those problems.

          i used to play AS a LOT in the early days of UT until it became team launching tournaments. it just sucks for the casual player to have NO confidence in their defense capabilities.

          and there are still psych-out tactics going on in every AS match we have. but the tactics are based on your own skill and not launching a teammate to a part of the map that shouldnt even be enabled yet. and for those who DO know, why even have the first objectives if you are only going to guard the switch to the crystal room in mazon anyways? thats all i ever did. the chains meant nothing.

          the whole gametype breaks down at that point.

          IF you have the crystal (and mind you the switch is heavily guarded...) you do still have to get the chains m8...
          The only object that goes with the crystal are the front doors


            i used to run in stealth like all the time....some maps were made like that, i think it was AS-NukeSilo i would run in to the second objective all stealth like an fiegn death( a thing which i miss terribly) till the first obj was completed.....i love AS , expecially DAMIT BAM SERVER

            LONG LIVE BAM!


              Originally posted by -ProXImus-
              download some demos of a high skilled assault clanwar, and you'll see
              indeedy and plz do so Willhaven m8 just watch mi5 versus Swap and you will understand what we are talking about...



                With friendly fire = 50 to 100% rocketlaunching is rendered useless. But most servers turn off friendly fire, Why? Shouldn't your team suffer if you shoot them?


                  Originally posted by -ProXImus-
                  assault without rocketlaunches and hammerjumping is bf1942 without tanks and helies..
                  Uh. BF:1942 doesn't HAVE "helies."