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Whats ur favorite weapon? (including all the mod weapons.)(yes vehicles count!)

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    Originally posted by Locust Bait View Post
    I'm a sniper, or close quarters. I never use vehicles and seldomly go to mid-range to long-range.

    1. Shock Rifle (Speed of light baby! I pity the fool who goes into my cursors!)
    2. Sniper Rifle (HEAD SHOT!)
    3. Flak Cannon (hmm... flesh ripping *drools*)
    4. Rocket Launcher (hehe)
    5. Minigun (You were killed by A_Hail_of_Bullets!)
    6. Mine Launcher (Useful for when I'm sniping )
    7. Goop Launcher (When I get close, I get very close)

    Basically, people either can't get within range to shoot me, and when they do they're either already dead or close to death
    a little full of yourself eh buddy?


      It all depends

      For pedestrians
      Vehicular Manslaughter (not picky which)
      followed by
      short range= Flak Cannon
      mid range= Shock Rifle
      long range= Lightening Gun

      For Vehicles
      Goliath or Raptor
      followed by
      short range= Rocket Launcher
      long range= Avril

      But I love dropping a Flak shell in the lap of those **** pesky Mantas (I Hate Mantas!)

      My all time favorite frag was offline landing my air bourne Hellbender on a bot's head (bone crunchingly priceless), but then hearing the anouncer exclaim "PANCAKE!". He said it all right there.

      Link Gun and Spider Mines reserved for healing and defence.

      Straight Answer = I'm a Flack Monkey


        Originally posted by Bishop Gantry View Post
        Popgun/Dispersion gun Unreal2
        M32 Duster Unreal2
        M700 Crowdpleaser Unreal2
        Vulcan Flamer Unreal2
        Widowmaker Unreal2
        SHARK Unreal2
        Hydra Unreal2
        Auto Turret Unreal2
        Plasma walls Unreal2
        Please Epic. Pretty please.