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You know you've played far too much UT when.....

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    I have kept all that appy to me:

    Me--> On friday night: instead of worrying about what outfit your going to wear and what club your going to, you instead worry about what server your going to play on and wether it's gonna be xxx or xxxx. <-Replace with 1v1, DM, or TAM.

    Me--> You have had at least one dream where unreal tournament was real. Extra points awarded if the characters in the dream were pixel based. <-- Please add: Running around with .:vVv:. TrinitY and [BGZ]Fortydogger lol

    Me-->When picking up friends in your car: xxx <-Replace with: Saying UT Taunts to your friends when they get in the car, such as, "Die B!7ch!", or "Fresh Meat!"

    Me-->When involved in drunken playfights, you mimic UT announcer quotes such as "headshot" (beer mat on head), ownage and God Like. <--I don't have to be drunk to do this, in fact, I do this every day lol.

    Me-->You cancel dates, social gatherings and any form of social interaction because "UT is more fun"

    Me-->Your girlfriend (presuming you still have one) knows your favourite map, vehicle and weapon.<--Please add: She now plays UT2k4 as well.

    Me-->You spent over $x,xxx on PC upgrades for the sole purpose of playing unreal tournament.<--Replace with: $1,500

    Me-->You didn't speak to your best friend for a whole week because xxxx. <--Replace with: He made me lose the match by Shockcombo'ing me from the corner of the map while I battled someone else. YES that's you Mr.NastyTIME!

    Me-->The most stressing factors in your life are xxx and ping times. <--replace with: Lag

    Please add:

    The only thing that breaks me away from UT at home is sex, eating, and mapping (which is still UT, kinda). And of course, sleepz.