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    Dodgeball server

    Good morning all
    I am currently hosting a dodgeball server off my computer with a redirect also set up and verified and is working. I have previously played dodgeball and before that i obviously did not have the dodgeball mod, and i obviously didnt even know about the dodgeball mod, so this was when i was surfing the servers and checking them out... So this server must have been advertised on the Deathmatch server list. That is not the case with my server. I have been working on getting the redirect working with some people and they say they cannot find the server in any list, they can add it to the favorites and join or they can download the dodgeball mod themselves and go to the dodgeball server list and join through there...
    Is there any way i can get it to advertise on the deathmatch server list?
    the server ip is

    no one has the slightest idea?