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Screen refresh rate?

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    Screen refresh rate?

    What exactly is screen refresh rate and what is better for ut2k4 ? higher or lower? Also does it depend on your resolution or can it only go so high depending on what resolution your monitor can handle?

    Also should you set refresh rate the same on the desktop so they run in sync with one another or does it matter if you have unreal set to overide desktop refresh rate?

    Thank you for any response

    the higher, the better...
    any higher then 85 is imo overkill though, and will shorten the lifespan of your crt without increasing the quality of your experience

    but it mainly depends on your monitor

    on a CRT, specs can vary widely...

    some have a max refreshrate of 75Hz at a resolution of 1280*1024, others reach 85Hz at 2048*1536

    on a CRT, you should go for 75Hz or more... 60 and 70 Hz will flicker (on some monitors more so then on others)

    my desktop runs at a different refreshrate/resolution then my UT2004... only because 2048*1536 makes everything too small in windows (and changing screen-dpi screws up a lot of sites, programs, etc)


      I have been meaning to ask this. I run my desktop at 1280x1024 at 60. I run UT in 800x600 (I run most games at that) Would 85 be good for me? (Yes, it's a CRT)


        Your video card refresh rate should not be higher than your screen refresh rate. Higher is better... except with lcds... you can exceed the redraw on your lcd at times and sometimes a lower refresh will help with ghosting.