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Fun Demos for you and the Whole Family.

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    Fun Demos for you and the Whole Family.

    here's some lol demos I have...
    Why post them? Why would you care? Cause its fun to watch someone who doesn't suck at ONS play. Namely me. Cause unlike most folks.. I don't suck. Anyways watch them learn to not be noob. And enjoy... it's useless taking demos if no one ever gets to enjoy them.

    Khz vs Phx in 3v3 --- Khz is a great team but they were new to ONS at the time.

    This from a BGZ match... a demonstration in flawlessness...

    And these are from a match against toxic when I was with Phx.... toxic plays very well when Evil Homer isn't drunk.

    And the last one is one of me losing horribly in DM... why? Because I suck at DM... so here's a lol @ me demo

    Anyways enjoy.

    Lol at the 1vs1 demo. Only 1 frag. You got owned.

    You gotta have a lot of guts to post that though. Your playing style is similar to mine - run to the nearest weapon, die, respawn repeat.

    It's a good idea to laugh at yourself sometimes. Taking life too seriously is not fun at all, and I learned that the hard way.

    Peace - and better luck next time.


      I deleted the 1v1 of me vs rookie from gxl that one was even funnier... he went 30 and 0 on me on one map. =P

      But yeah I suck at dm.. it's not a secret.


        hehe dude thats happened to everyone at least once but i wouldnt have the guts to put it out there lol


          why would i watch these demos when i could go spectate a pub


            watch the demos, then you'll know