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CAL 4v4 TAM Season 2

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    CAL 4v4 TAM Season 2

    The CyberAthlete Amateur League ( is proud to present Season 2 of 4v4 TAM for Unreal Tournament 2004! Rosters are now unlocked and divisions are open for sign up. There will be a 2 week preseason, which we hope start on Thursday, September 14. The regular season will begin shortly after the preseason ends and will be the regular 8 weeks. There have been a few rule changes for Season 2 so please take note.

    Rule Changes:
    - Teams will now be allowed to change out players in between maps. Thus, you are not limited to the same four players every map. Please note, players STILL cannot be changed out during maps.
    - TAM v3.12 will be used. It will be configured to mimic v2.57 as closely as possible.
    - For the capturing of GUIDs in game please used the following procedure: Open console, input commands to obtain GUIDs, close console, open the F2 chat menu, and then take the screen shot of said menu.
    -We will use a single division for each region, Pacific Omega (if there are enough Pacific teams), Central Omega, and Atlantic Omega. This will promote a more competitive season.
    -Scores will now we reported by maps won. Thus, possible scores will be 2-0 or 2-1.

    The CyberAthlete Amateur League looks forward to Season 2 is committed to helping out in any way possible so if you need anything please contact an admin. You can find an admin through IRC in #2k4tam on Gamesurge and #Caleague-UT2004 on both Gamesurge and Enterthegame.


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