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Cant get UT2004 in Australia

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    Cant get UT2004 in Australia

    Hi I cant get hold of UT2004 here in Australia. UT2004 on ebay and Amazon will not freight to Australia, retailers are out, even Atari Australia the distributors cant help me.

    see Planetunreal forum for other details

    The thing that I cant understand is that Unreal, UT1, Unreal2... are all available here but not the latest incarnation Of UT.

    All I want is to purchase UT2004 by credit card if need be but I cant

    I Hope someone can help me, Thanks Dean McNicol (dsm2)

    I dont think so

    I think I will just leave UT2004

    Its one thing to not offer support for a product, We all know that happens in the software industry, however not to offer even the original product has reached a new low in customer service and product support

    I was looking forward to re-jioning the community but I will not be know even in a month or so...

    See you guys around. dsm2


      Thanks spaz

      Thanks to spaz for providing me with a link to get a copy of ut2004

      Thanks again spaz


        **** your everywhere....


          Well I don't know such a problem. Here in Germany UT2004 is available in kinda every shop. But its good that you're interested in the game. When you know the basics you gonna improve quickly.


            I was part of the UT1 community so I hope things have not changed that much

            I was a beta tester for Tactical Ops (my names in the credits) @ I did testing for a lot of mappers including (not name dropping) Rich (Akuma) who was my fav mapper

            I left the community after There was a bit of infighting in the Tac Ops team, so I just lost interest

            good to see some of the old mappers and then up and commers are still around.

            I remember getting UT when it came out and downloading every map at Nali City, Untill about 2 weeks later when everyone seemed to be mapping square boxs with crates

            Looking forward to UT2007 comming out, we should get that OK in Australia


              If not you will be able to import it I bet.


                and heres prob the best place to get some info down there

                heres an aussie store too

                ebay is also a decent source for new & used games you cant find in stores.