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[Tool] Unreal ToolBar for IE + FireFox --> UPDATED + Pic

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    [Tool] Unreal ToolBar for IE + FireFox --> UPDATED + Pic

    I´m Catzenjaeger and owner and admin of the Unrealbase NetWork Sites and our new NetWork Site

    You know the following situation? again and again I look each day for news, downloads, articles and many more around Unreal. I stored thousands favorites in my explorer but if I look for one, I do not find it. You know that? Then welcomely to Unreal ToolBar

    I would like you today present my newest updated Unreal Tool. It is a InterNet Explorer and Firefox ToolBar which makes it for +you possible to access fast and effectively all important Unreal web pages Links.


    +Links to officially Unreal Websites (EPIC, Midway ....)
    +Links to all important english Unreal Websites (beyondunreal, Planet Unreal .....)
    +Links to all important german Unreal Websites (, Inunreal, ethernasports ....)
    +Links to all important other Unreal Websites (france ....)
    +Links to mods, maps, downloads, forums, irc channels and leagues Websites
    +start your Unreal and open your Unreal folders from the toolbar
    +online translater
    +Giga TV Link
    +online radio player
    +RSS News Feeds (from,beyondunreal,clanbase,,inU nreal,utzone,ethernasports ....)

    and many many more

    All Links are sorted by languages and categories. Also inside is a auto update function that your Toolbar Up to date remains always also. This file is full removeable from your Windows system

    sorry for my english but this tool does not need words - plz give me a feedback and suggestions - thanx - Feel free to send me links and informations for updates!!!


    ENGLISH: The free unreal Toolbar accelerates your access to unreal web pages substantially. If the Toolbar is installed, she appears automatic with the InterNet Explorer and/or in the FireFox window as new symbol border. This means that fast and simply from each web page the Unreal ToolBar can use it.

    GERMAN: Die kostenlose Unreal Toolbar beschleunigt euren Zugriff auf Unreal Webseiten erheblich. Wenn die Toolbar installiert ist, erscheint sie automatisch mit dem Internet Explorer bzw. im FireFox Browserfenster als neue Symbolleiste. Dies bedeutet, dass ihr schnell und einfach von jeder Webseite aus die Unreal ToolBar nutzen könnt.


    Download: on startsite you will find a middle panel with direct download link

    Feedbacks are welcome

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      its work try again