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Searching for a certain map

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    Searching for a certain map

    Hi all

    I'm searching for a map once I got from an old german UT2004 map download site which since got offline and I don't remember the map's name.
    ( It's the only map I couldn't find again since my comp got reinstalled back in 2005, September and all data were gone :cry: )

    Here's all what I know about the map:
    • It's a nali theme based map, a small town with one street level, you could go around and into the houses.
    • The streets shape a square leaving a block of buildings in the middle, weapons are on the streets and in the buildings making a ring around the middle block of houses.
    • Some houses are bourning and in the main square there's a small stage with a nali cross glowing in Double Damage plasma-style and if you jumped over it, an Ion Painter explosion followed
    • The music for this map was Town Fight from the game, Painkiller's OST.
    • Skybox is same as ONS-Crossfire's.

    Any help finding it would be appreciated :heart: