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    Originally posted by Drunk Penguin
    Unreal Tournament is very much a community immersive game. You make yourself and your clan noticed. The story is a nice way to explain why the characters, maps, vehicles, and weapons are there, but its the players that shape this game.
    Not really its just used as a tool to play and chit chat against other players and clans since theres no real way to immerse oneself in the game, theres no storyline to follow and theres nothing one can do to alter what, how and to do things...

    So far UT hasent had much in the way of a storyline map descriptions are short and uninformative, weapon descriptions are poorly done and dosent go into any depth to make them seem atleast plausible, and veichle spechs arent much more than crude info hastily written down on a paper napkin...

    Theres no user friendly way of keeping tabs on other players or clans within UT to keep contact with, look over scores or otherwise follow their progress...

    The community isnt Epic thus its not official material and is at best unoffical third party material...