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Assault euro mixer tournament

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    Assault euro mixer tournament

    Look I know Assault isnt the favourite gametype amoung people and theres alot of arrogrant people about who think who ever plays Assault is rubbish.

    Well your wrong Assault has got a very good cult following and its ladder is still alive... just. So the clan [Inx] hav kindly started a Euro Assault mixer to generate interest and give a chance to play with other people that you usually wouldnt of.

    This involves the admins picking teams from a pool of players who have signed up for the tournament. These teams will be hopefully balanced in skill once they are picked by the admins. The first stage is a group stage and then on to the knockout stage.

    This is a bit of fun and a chance for new people to learn assault, but I wil say this it wont be short of good healthy competition flames :-).

    Everyone is welcome of any gametype or skill, since scrims and tacts will be taut by each team.

    So get off you *** and sign up at

    You will find additional info at this site (we think it will kick off around 16th of july so u wont miss the world cup). So far we have around 40 sign ups so get signing.

    Hope to see you on the fourms, feel free to ask me questions or any of the [Inx] members.

    p.s there will be no race maps in the map list