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    Wanted to drop by here and welcome everyone to the opening of the "Competitive" Vehicle Capture the Flag community site.

    Anyone is welcome to stop in and get ready for UT2007 vCTF

    GL with it.


      It's great to have a place to talk about the competitive aspect of VCTF, like UTComp, etc. I encourage everyone to sign up even if they dont play the gametype :up:


        Very interesting. A VCTF site that is serious about being competitive? Might bring interest of the old schoolers back into it.

        I do have the say that the layout is a bit fugly at the moment. But i'm sure it will change soon. Nuke is easy to change things around.

        GL with it Ninja. Just watch out who you let to be mods. Can't let people get power happy


          1 warning though.. unless ninja and his crew run things in a somewhat similar fashon to how ONScentral is run then dont expect much. the idea behind ONScentral is that every single clan gets a member with admin/moderator status on the forums to help control things. sort of like a democracy. this is how a site shoud be run for such a game.

          im a former teammate aof ninja's and an active participant of ONScentral so i know quite a bit. When ninja wants too then things will be nice but the second he PERSONALLY doesnt like a thread then watch it get locked.


            haha wow, sweettooth, you sure do make your rounds, holy **** son, do you have any sort of outside life?

            Forums welcome ST, only person whos been banned from a few community sites for many different reasons. Way to GOOOO ST. Nice way to bring, what is supposed to help bring the gametype up, and here you come in being a complete....well, being YOU.

            Gotta love that you NEVER play vctf ever.

            Do everyone a favor, and just disappear.