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The day you aquired your UT2004 copy

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    i got it a few days before the offical rls

    bez i live outside US, and they had the same rls, data over the whole world. so they shiped the game to europe a bit before i got it off the importer
    two of about 100 special edition in Europe


      Originally posted by bhz9294
      If you remember the exact date you purchased a game and the events that happened that day (barring no other big events), you've got some issues, lol.
      I do actually, but one of my strong suits is remembering the exact date of events. Sometimes all I need to have is a calendar cause usually I remember what day of the week it was.

      23 October 2004.


        Originally posted by [EH]Xenocide
        I think I've seen him say he's from Brazil
        thats right
        every new game that ships is like 100 bucks here
        quake 4 nfsu most wanted and other like that are still 99.90 :bulb:


          I forget the exact day but i know is was sometime in middle of may 2004.

          not a very epic or exciting story at all

          All I did was walk into Gamestop and browse, i saw it and said "hmm, that looks interesting enough", bought it, and thats it....