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There is no such thing as a 'lag hack'!!!

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    There is no such thing as a 'lag hack'!!!

    Please do me a favor and if anyone runs into these folks, please inform them that it is impossible for me to 'lag hack' them client-side, with no admin privileges. I run into these folks quite often online and to be honest, I'm FAR from an outstanding player, I just had a good lucky streak going for myself tonight and I'd really rather not be thought of as an ingame cheater. I'm old by gamer standards, use a joystick/mouse to play and I have **** aim, poor coordination and arthritis....again, I just got lucky.

    I even switched to the losing team to keep the game fair and even and to be frank, I'm f***ing sick and tired of **** like this.

    What I've posted here is all I was able to screenshot, but the accusations spanned multiple people (everyone on the other team, go figure) and went on for around 20-25 minutes before I left in disgust.

    So please, spread the word that a player CANNOT increase another player's lag via some silly hack program.

    I'm no hack designer (hell no!), but theoretically a lag hag is possible if the client knows the other client IPs. I don't know if UT's server-client model works like this, but if the hacker knew the other IPs, he could send garbage packets to them and eat up all the bandwidth. Of course, the hacker himself would have to be on a line with a really good upload for this to work.

    That said, all those guys are nubs. Go find a better server to play on. :up: