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    id wait until mid 2007, struggle on with your current system, it should run ut2k7 ok, and then this time next year you'll be able to buy a suite of mid range components that will run 2k7 sweetly.

    If you are cost conscious then for the price of one premium gfx card now (£350) that will be out of date in 6 months, you can buy a cpu (£150), m/b (£50), mid range card (£150) in a year. The gfx card wil be next next gen and out perform the top cards now, the cpu will be a nice swift dual core jobby, and m/b are all the same to me (im no enthusiast ).

    I did this last year and for that money got a x800xl and a (cheaper socket 754) 3700+. The PC then easily matched the benchmarks of people who had spent £1000s and hrs + hrs squeezing performance, and runs all the software I use right now perfectly.

    Neither approach is right or wrong, what you do will depend on whether you are an 'enthusiast' or not, and your money spending priorities.


      Originally posted by Darthpanda
      I currently own a Thermaltake 480watt PSU.... How much power does a PCI Express card take?
      That would likely be good for one PCI card regardless of the brand but that also depends on how many other power sucking devices you own.

      Also, the best power supplies have at least 2 12V rails instead of 1. That way, they can seperate the video card to run on a separate 12V rail on it's own. I have a Thermaltake 680W PSU to run 2 Geforce 7900GTX OC cards...



        Originally posted by Darthpanda
        Hi.... Long time lurker, first time poster.... Here are my current specs:
        1.8 Athlon FX 64 chip
        2GB of DDR RAM
        6600GT AGP videocard
        K8NS Ultra socket 939 motherboard
        120 GB Western Digital
        Audigy 2 soundcard
        Windows XP service pak 2
        I'm on a budget, so I'd like to know what can I do make sure I can hopefully run the next UT game... Any reccomendations? I'm looking at a budget of $500 Thanks!
        As already corrected about your CPU (AMD64-3000) - I've noticed a good speed bump compared to an AMD 3500 or 3800.

        But since youre motherboard is an AGP, youre vastly limited on choices of video cards. All the TOP cards are PCI-Express.

        The best you can get is the 7800GS

        They compared the 7800GT (PCI-ex) to the 7800GS (AGP) and when you look at the TEST scores, they are with an AMD64-FX57 cpu which is quite bit faster than what you have. Theres about a 20~35% performance loss.

        There is almost NO price difference between the GS and GT cards. ($300 give or take $20)

        Like others have said... HOLD and save your money until the game comes out. Choices are this:

        1 - (today) Get 7800GS & upgrade to an Athlon 3700 (about $500 total)
        And of course sell your OLD 6600GT & AMD CPU for about $150.

        Waiting another 4 months, you'll save about $50 and get a faster CPU.

        2 - Buy 7800GT and a NEW Socket 939 board. (About $450). Sell 6600GT for $100. Offer to sell your OLD board with AMD64-3000 CPU for $100 (tops) This puts about $250 added to your budget, buy an AMD64-3800.

        (This will give you a MUCH more noticable improvement)

        Wait a few months, save $50 or so and faster CPU. But also your OLD parts will devalue much more of course.

        I'd say wait as much as you can or care to do so, but I'd opt for #2. ITs easier to RID a mobo-CPU package than seperate parts. Less chance of damage by removal.


          Wow a lot of good ideas here people thanks! I know it won't happen, but I would love an Epic employee to PM me saying my set up will run 2007.... We'll see if there is a 2007 demo.... Again thanks!


            You will run it on low-medium settings, but wait for the game. It makes no sense to upgrade for a game that is far from release. By the time UT2007 gets released, there will be hardware that doesn't even exist today and you could get a 7900 GTX very cheap by then.


              upgrade with xmas'll still have time before ut2007 comes you can get lots more for the same money 6 months from now..


                I'll just echo what others have said, and suggest you wait to upgrade. 2K7 will come out at the end of 2006 at the absolute earliest! If you want your $500 to really go the distance, wait untill a month or two after the demo before upgrading. During that time read reviews and compare other's specs to see what will actually give you the best bang for your buck. It is probably extermely tempting to just upgrade now, and if you have the cash, go for it! But if you are/will be on a budget come winter, you should really just wait. :up:


                  That's sound advice. Waiting makes more sense. I find it interesting what you can make for about $1000. In just upgrades you can get a Pentium D, Asus MB, Good SLI Asus Video card, 1 gig ddr2, case, PSU. And you're smoking along. Not to mention it leaves you in a position to upgrade rather easy.


                    I'll wait for the demo to come out and see for myself then...


                      The DEMO may come out a few weeks before the actual release of the game (As was the case of UT03 & UT04). Also, sites like Anandtech and others will have preview versions to test out. We'll see what hardware works best.


                        Originally posted by Wonkers
                        That's sound advice. Waiting makes more sense. I find it interesting what you can make for about $1000. In just upgrades you can get a Pentium D, Asus MB, Good SLI Asus Video card, 1 gig ddr2, case, PSU. And you're smoking along. Not to mention it leaves you in a position to upgrade rather easy.
                        But for more power for your money, get the AMD64 setup which is constantly faster for games and other jobs than any Intel CPU. A $200 AMD64 will still get more frame rates than the Pentium Extreme Edition which costs about $900+

                        Also, in some benchmarks(games) the dual 7900GTX is slighty or no faster than a single ATI-1900XTX card... ouch! Perhaps the PPU issues will be resolved. Which in another tread, it was thought it would be required to IMPROVE performance, but in reality it simply adds a lot more GOOD detail, but it also severally hurts frame-rates - as of now.