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    Originally posted by Bersy
    @fuegerstef... ever try disabling VoIP? you're never gonna hear anything useful on it, even now. and if they don't have keyboards they won't be able to use the ingame chat, so.. problem solved.
    I know about it... ...and it even is a necessary trick to get GUIDs on Servers you aren't admin on.

    But can I also disable their crappy playstyle ????


      Titan will be asshat free from shoutcasters, moaners, nagging kiddies and the likes. That wont change, no matter what Epic does.


        Originally posted by AL777
        Heh, we could talk about, you know, the other 95% of the interview.
        No, Tim's words everyone is discussing right now will echo in eternity.

        Or at least until the game comes out.


          Originally posted by -]Fusi√łN[-
          Titan will be asshat free from shoutcasters, moaners, nagging kiddies and the likes. That wont change, no matter what Epic does.
          Good admins and the ban stick. :up: If ultimately Epic enables the PS3 to connect to PC servers it would be nice if there was a server option to allow/disallow console connects.


            Originally posted by Nosnos
            The problem is that the PS3 players will not be able to keep up with the PC players since you are so much slower with a gamepad. This can be fixed by alterning the PC game so that it becomes slower so that the PS3 players can keep up, but that would give us slow paced UT game on PC and imo there is nothing good about that...

            If the PC version was made strictly for PC, and the PS3-version would be exactly the same and the PS3 players used mouse and keyboard then it would be a great thing, but what are the chances of that happening?
            I think it could work. It just takes looking at the problems and trying to find solutions. I don't play FPSs on consoles so I'm guessing. They propably could make a range of speeds for turning based on how far you move the joystick. The biggest thing would propably be setting a max speed. If you want precision aiming, move the joystick slightly combined with movement. There propably should be movement resolution that could be configured. This would be like if your range is between 0 and 100. If its set to move in intervals of 1 then the movement would be sencitive to changes in the joystick's position. But if it's set to move in intervals of 5 then the joystick wouldn't be as sencitive and changing between turning slow and turning fast would still be easy. Also the intervals should be set so that there's always one point in which your turing speed is axactly the same as whatever the running speed is so that it's posible for PS3 players to keep their crosshair on a person the same as a person with a mouse can do it.

            That explanation propably sucked, but I think it could work.