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    Campagna Italiana

    With the release of the retail version of the Red Orchestra Mod that won the 'Make something unreal' contest we have started our own mod.

    We are using the retail version to add the intensity and experience of the Italian Front. We are going to include the Invasion of Sicily all the way up to the entrance of Rome. For the first time you will be able to play as Italians defending your home soil! Also in the release we will include German, American, British and Canadian forces.

    We have got off to a good start with some great looking models allready! Here is just a few pictures to show you.

    Positions Open

    Animator - Needs to be able to animate weapons and vehicles for reloading, firing and other movement.

    Modeller - Needs to create accurate 3D models of historical weapons and vehicles

    Modeller(Low Poly) - Creates static meshes for maps. Such as pillars, clocks, tables..

    Skinner - Need to be able to skin player, weapon and vehicle models to make them look real!

    Texture Artist - Needs to be able to create life like textures for maps. Be it brick, sand, wood..

    Coder - Needs to have good knowledge of Unreal Script to help our mod become reality.

    Poject Link

    What Can we Offer You?

    We can offer you good exposure of your work to a very large and vibrant Unreal community. It will also look very nice in your portfolio when you can show some top quality work!

    You will also develop your communication and team skills while working in a good sized team of people. You will need to develop you organisational skills in order to meet deadlines as well as your presentational skills showing other members how your progress is coming.

    We also hope that you will enjoy your time, working along side some very friendly people with a lot of knowledge! So you will learn of others improving your own quality of work!

    How to Apply

    Go to our website and click on the forums. Inside the forums there is an application form. Fill out the short form and we will be in touch shortly! Or contact

    Animators and High poly Modellers found.

    Still looking for coders, skinners and low poly modellers!


      Heh. A mod of a mod.
      Guess it makes sense now that Red Orchestra is a standalone game.
      Good luck with finding skilled and loyal people.