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mouse pad help.

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    Thats messed up, sorry to hear that dude.

    IVe had an old rubber base one for 3 years now, and its still good as ever..maybe your piece was faulty?


      avoid the icemat with a lazer mouse. They arent compatible. They work but the pointer sort of jerks a little

      I currently use the Everglide Ricochet 2.52. Good pad. On problem i can think of is that sometimes it feels a little small , but it's still fine most of the time


        I move my mouse over my belly. It's a game all it's own...



          Nice to see you, funcindustries.

          I have an Archetype 1030 with the MBA base, very nice with my G5.


            Originally posted by Crispy
            Nice to see you, funcindustries.

            I have an Archetype 1030 with the MBA base, very nice with my G5.
            I guess it would be a bit biased, but great choice in product! Have you heard about our upcoming customization? You'll soon be able to log onto our website and creating your own custom mousing surface by uploading your own images, photos, logos, etc. and even adding your own custom text - with no minimun quantity ordered!

            If you want to learn more about the service (and sign up to be notified when it's available - which is very soon) click the following link:


            Thanks for choosing fUnc!


              Originally posted by Scat
              I just want to say that if you get the func pad that make sure you get the new model with the hard plastic base or the aluminum. The old model with the rubber base sucks, look what mine turned into after 7 months:

              This is my current mousepad:

              Allsop XL


              I would appreciate it if you would post what you think about the Banshee Pad.
              I've been usingthe Allsop pads for years, I'm on my 3rd one in 6 years... Perhaps the new laser mouse I have will help the pad last longer without getting messy with the ball. The non XL is a regular size (for those who may wanna know) which is about $5.00


                The allsop pads are great, I just hate they get grimey after a while and then you have to wash them. Funcindustries is sending me an archetype model to replace the func pad that I had that got warped. I think I am going to replace the allsop with it, was thinking about switching to the banshee pad, but now that this came a long, (very greatful ), I am going to use the func archetype.


                  i use an icemat. its smooth but when my hand gets hot causes condensation on the mat that stps smoothness


                    Well I got my Banshee mouse pad last week so I put a short review up and some pics on my clans site and I thought I would share here.

                    Product: Banshee Mouse Pad
                    Company: Atomic Bolt

                    The mouse pad is made of airplane grade aluminum so it is thin but very strong. The surface is very smooth and it feels good to rest you hand on so long matches did not cause any pain. The pad comes with some Teflon dots I think they call them low friction dots and I cut them up and put them over the built in feet on my G5 to save on wear and tear. The mouse glides across the pad so easily I could automatically see a smoothing effect to my aim. The edges of the pad are rounded so I have not been cutting my wrists on them, something I was a little worried about. The noise of the mouse hitting the pad is louder then the cloth pad I was using, for obvious reasons but it’s not loud enough to be distracting. It comes with a separate mesh base that lies underneath it and holds the former airplane wing from taking off. At my house my grandmother lives directly below me so I put the huge green mouse pad I bought at comp usa underneath the mat that came with the pad to stifle any noise from traveling through the floor. It works well like that and it makes it easier to move the pad around for adjustments. The mat by itself sticks to the table almost too well so now I can slide the pad around no problems. The tracking is superb with the G5. The pad has a whirling pattern to it if you looks close and in an email the owner of Atomic Bolt told me it took them awhile to develop that effect in order to get the best tracking for optical and laser mice. Dealing with the owner was very cool he was super responsive to all my questions. And the cool part is he is a young gamer who developed this pad because there was nothing in the market that he liked.

                    Price- $50 with the tax (I got the one that is laser engraved)
                    If you play by an open window the pad does get a bit cold. My hands are always hot so this is a benefit for me but I could see someone being affected by the coolness.

                    Overall rating A.:up:

                    The keyboard is not bad either


                      Originally posted by -Ti-Houdini
                      You should've posted the pic of your lamp.


                        i use a cheap one with my werk logo on it..used for 4 years..1337 mousepads are highly overrated..(but to each his own..)


                          Originally posted by funcindustries
                          Scat - can you please PM me regarding your product.

                          Nice, but you managed to break 2 rules of our forums in your first 2 posts. No advertising and no quoting images. If you want to discuss advertising here, please contact Mattlab via a PM on these forums.