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Artifact Trouble...

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    Artifact Trouble...

    Getting artifacts when playing even videos and stuff.

    My heatsinks are fine, got alot of fans in my pc..Sapphire radeon 9800 pro 128 mb

    AMD Barton

    Not overclocked...I get them randomly on my screen even when browsing the

    Just fired up ut, and in a few seconds my screen was shrouded in polygons and artifacts...

    Definetly sounds like the GFX card is on its way out (mine fried only recently, without any OC or artifacts showing up...these 9800's seem to have a bad habit of topping themselves), I'd suggest double checking the fan on it is ok and that the heatsink isn't clogged with dust etc.

    If worse comes to worse, you can still get a relativly decent AGP card without spending too much.


      Are you using an aftermarket cooler for your card like the arctic cooling vga silencer. If not, you probably should. I had the same trouble with my 9800 pro and when I switched out the stock cooler for the vga silencer, it all went away.


        I was. It broke. I was using an Arctic.

        Im using the box piece one now.