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    Originally posted by Twigstir
    A pro isn't a pro anymore once his/her fingers or wrist start hurting. Then not only isn't he/she having anyfun playing, they are not having fun doing a lot of other things in life.
    My hands don't hurt at all. I've been using computers since I was a kid, and now I'm a graphic artist. I work 40hrs a week on a computer, and I game mostly on the computer as well, with a keyboard. I have never, nor have any of my friends or colleagues ever complained about their hands hurting. It happens to some people, but it's not as certain as you make it out to be, as if all us keyboard gamers will one day be in manual agony, cursing the day we ever touched a keyboard. If that were the case, imagine the pain and agony that awaits the folks at Epic, they'll be absolutely crippled.
    Besides, a pro is as easy as macros, so why not just change it as I posted in my first post.
    Because it's a skill you have to learn that sets you apart. By that logic, let's have everybody aimbot because pros can shoot super accurate.:bulb:


      Dude, billions of dollar have been spent in the field of ergonomics. A lot of time, money, and work has been done to help avoid injuries and discomfort associated with the keyboard and it's predecessor the type writer.

      What I have said, was very simple.

      1.) The joystick could be a very good alternative for the keyboard. The only major disadvantage of a joystick for ut2004, is the dodge.

      2.) You might want to consider using a joystick if you have discomfort playing with a keyboard. Extended use of a keyboard can cause injuries.

      I don't see anything wrong with the above statement.

      I also tried to make a few points:

      1.) It might be better to play comfortably than to be good or a so called "pro".

      2.) The skills required to dodge have been defeated.

      So, In my opinion, just looking at point number two, I think it would be a good move to change the way dodge works.

      I doubt there is a successful work around for macro technology and that being the case, let players have more options in how they can comfortably play the game and also level the playing field for everyone.


        Check out this gaming keyboard-pad... Its about $35...

        Google the Wolf King and you'll find quite a lot of reviews for it, and they are all generally VERY posititve.