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    wierd stuff

    Has anyone noticed any strange happenings on servers out there?

    Strange encounters I've been having are:

    Way unbalanced teams even when bot balance is on, i mean very strange
    Positively strange requests asking "is there an admin out there" about a zillion times and when asked why it is suddenly silent. This player, was banging on about something that implied class A and when i asked him what the hell he was taliking about he shut up and said nothing.
    Very strange conversation ranging from secret "chill rooms" to unnerving sexual/drugs connotations, especially governing some of the ages of the players
    And very wierd gameplay like spawning anywhere. This one guy, spawned at the start of the gully to the middle node and just stood there so i sent a shock ball his way and cut him down to shreds, which was quite amusing at the time and an entire hellbender exploding with three people in it as soon as we spawned a new round
    Too much noob stuff like not sharing mantas, but overloaded on it then suddenly the entire team turns wicked sick and destroys you instantly.
    And what's the ration of data go in and out of your system when you play ut2004?
    Now I know I play this game a lot but has anyone else noticed freaky stuff out there?