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    I just think that the back turret of the hellbender is really hard for most people to use while it's moving. This might be automatically fixed in UT2k7 if al of the vehicles and players are bigger in relation to otheir environments.


      It's a tricky problem: make a pinpoint precision weapon effective on the move without causing it to be overpowered when used stationary.

      I think making the minimum damage (i.e. the damage from just click-firing rather than charging up a shot) of the turret higher could solve the problem, as people could fire at a much higher rate and when they hit, the uncharged shots will actually do some damage. Meanwhile, a fully-charged shot will be jsut as powerful, so stationary snipage won't become overly-effective.

      Any other ideas?


        Well, the main thing about the click-shot is that it's supremely annoying to click-fire a weapon that offers hold'n'charge capabilities, because the release happens when you release the click.

        Here is my idea: Make it automatically charge without having to hold down the mouse button. Firing it when you first see the enemy releases a full charge, but firing it again before if fully recharges makes it have a minimal amount of damage. There will also be a minimum charge at which you can release it so people don't abuse it.


          I assume that would make it fire much more cleanly, and would also spare you of having to hold down the fire button for 20 minutes until an enemy pops up... then miss them...

          Good idea :up:


            The hellbender charge is loud, and the gun lights up when it's used. Some players would rather not draw attention to themselves when using it, so they charge only when neccessary.


              My ideas? Hmmm....

              Scorpion: Simply make it heavier and improve the speed of the bolas (don't kill me...yes I ripped that off Al...)

              Manta: fire slightly faster at the cost of firepower, and improve turning speed.

              Hellbender: Heavier, (even now it's only slightly heavier than a scorpion...) I agree with the 4th turrent idea, but only be able to fire a bola with 3 (joints?)

              Goliath: Improve the turrent! :weird:

              Leviathan: Turrents lower as Al said.

              Raptor: Make it slightly faster and more responsive... Also speed up its fire-rate too, also at the cost of fire power. and possibly make the missles anti-vehicle (ALL of them) Oh and why can't you continue firing normal shots when you fire a missle?

              Eck, I don't really care about the other vehicles, you never see them


                Eck, I don't really care about the other vehicles, you never see them
                Ahem... raptor?

                Oh and what's with your new sig... uhh...


                  Ah, yes the raptor. And my sig? I was bored