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Crosshairs(Custom and Default) in UT2007

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    Crosshairs(Custom and Default) in UT2007

    I know this has been mentioned in a few of the 2k7 threads, but I wanted to get a thread specifically about it going, especially since I have a few requests of my own

    #1. Is custom crosshair support going to be expanded upon in 2k7?

    #2. Are basic custom crosshairs going to be as easy to produce for 2k7 as they are in 2k4(referring mostly to coding and texture)?

    #3. Will we get more options for what can be used as a custom crosshair(Ex: TexPanner/Rotator, Combiners, Shaders, Final Blend, etc)?

    #4. Will we be able to make crosshairs that react to specific actions(Ex: pick up a keg/vial, weapon/superweapon, etc)?

    #1. An in-game crosshair tweaking method.
    You start up an empty botmatch, enter a console command, click a button in the Esc menu, etc, and a small menu display pops up, with color/scale/opacity sliders and a dropdown box to choose different crosshairs.
    With a method like that, you could adjust your crosshairs in a "real" playing environment, instead of going to the menu, tweak the settings, go back to the map and see how it looks(or even entering and re-entering console commands)

    #2. Something similar to UTComp's Crosshair Factory, where you can mix and match custom/default crosshairs together

    That's all I got for now, if you guys have other ideas/questions, go ahead and post them, but please make it coherent and specify which it is(question or suggestion)

    I actually have a question about how UTComp uses custom crosshairs, thanks for bringing it up.

    I recently made some changes to my crosshairs, some are modified stock and some come from Wormbo's Tournament Crosshair Pack. The changes (inluding swap-fire mode) take effect fine in instant action with no mods on, but when I play online with UTComp, they go back to what I had before the most recent changes. Do you know why this is happening and how I can get the modified crosshairs from my Settings menu to show up in UTComp?


    I agree that more options for crosshair customization should be built into the game. I have a similiar opinion about models/skins. Your particular ideas about crosshairs seem good. :up:


      Couldn't tell ya. I honestly have no clue how UTComp has their crosshair factory rigged up


        Originally posted by Kyllian
        Couldn't tell ya. I honestly have no clue how UTComp has their crosshair factory rigged up
        You can ask him at unrealnorth.
        And for the crosshairs;
        Make them alot easier to make, example, an UnrealEd that you can easily build crosshairs in, with a + that goes to the middle of the screen so you can find the middle easier, sort of like paint with lots of options, and the ability to just save and play.

        I think that this feature is quite handy and important.
        Epic, if you read this, please consider this post in the development of UnrealED.



          i wish they made a simple program that comes with ut2007, then u can simply design a crosshair and it does everything else for u, make .utx,.u, and .ucl....




              Originally posted by placebo 3.0
              Or at least half-arsed animated crosshair support