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Great New Zark multiplay server w/muts

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    Great New Zark multiplay server w/muts - server

    Low-grav, multi-jump, AG Sniper (Powerful Zark Mod) Rifle, Matrix - dedicated, with incredible game play.

    Specializes in DM and ONS, but also offers CTF with AG-Tranz (very fast tranz), VCTF (ditto), and Assault.

    Let us know your opinions on our forums at



      I'm guessing it's somewhere near New York. At least that's the last recognisable location I found in a tracert.




        It's a rented server- but I THINK it's Chicago

        I guess you can check pings & see if it's workable. I'm in Texas & it's a great ping from here (some 2000 miles).


          Originally posted by andriel
          Low-grav, multi-jump, AG Sniper (Powerful Zark Mod) Rifle, Matrix ...

          Specializes in ... ONS.
          Does that even work ???? :bulb:


            Ugh... matrix...
            Everytime I run into that mut, I disconnect and find something else


              re: Matrix

              Matrix is like Spinach- some people love it, some hate it. But don't take my word or Kyllian's - you just have to try it. My experience so far has been that there has been a great demand for this style of gameplay. Tons of fun in lowgrav environments to me.

              But, of course, I love spinach.


                re: "Does that work?"

                Originally posted by fuegerstef
                Does that even work ???? :bulb:
                Actually, we LOVE ONS with these muts. The matrix (at least our version, which is not Monkey, but another one) moves and this rifle really change the game play, though.

                If you like fast play, this is the way to go. This rifle will drain the core from 1000 yards if you get a clear line of sight. The matrix lets you get very high and also has a pause-in-mid-air feature for 6 seconds - more than enough time to drain it if you can avoid being killed. So- it's fast & furious. A nice change from the gnaw-your-arm-off tedious chore of the more standard ONS styles.

                Every server has a flavor. This is ours. Enjoy.


                  get rid of the fluff and make it a sniper server no musss no fuss and NO low grav million jump stuff please...!