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lagging on full version

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    preload skins is also unchecked?

    try minimizing the game and check on the task manager for how much ram is left.

    hope you solve your problem.


      i made it 800 x 600 and checked my cpu usage and the bar was at the very top....


        are you sure you don't have any additional programs running?


          Great point about the additional RAM.

          About the drivers on the ATI website:

          Catalyst 6.2 Windows XP - Motherboard/IGP Drivers

          That link should work. If not, go to and then click on "Drivers & Software" then "Windows XP Drivers and Software" then "Motherboards with ATI Graphics" and download them.

          If that doesn't work, the drivers you got from the Windows Update feature might be good enough.



            Ulton makes a good point about the Ati Drivers, but before you go to the Ati website for the driver updates try the Toshiba website. I went to the Dell download site to update my drivers and it made a huge difference.


              i had a similar problem when playing offline and i fixed it by changing the power setting to "always on" in controll panel. its got something to do with the system clocking itself down to save power apparently. not sure why u cant play online though


                Good point about going to the manufacturer's website first. If there aren't new drivers there, get them. I'd get them if you see them, anyways, even if you go with ATI's drivers. If you have a problem with ATI's drivers you could just use the Toshiba drivers. Just something to think about.


                  thanks for all the help, i tried to install the driver but it said video driver not found, please try setup your display driver with a standard VGA driver before running setup.