Hello everyone

We'd just like to announce that our UT2004 Mini-Ladder is up and running over at http://www.parasite-lost.com/pstladder

The Ladder currently has 2on2 TAM, 3on3 ONS, and 3on3 ONS/TAM. We hope to add more gametypes to the Ladder in the future, but at the moment those will do until we get a larger userbase.

Our Ladder is open to anyone and everyone - whether you're in a Clan or not, are a complete beginner at UT2004, or you're a seasoned pro looking to work your way up the scoreboard. It's all in the name of fun and not as serious as ClanBase and other Ladders.

So feel free to head on over, sign up, create or join a team, and start challenging other teams. And if you short of a team-mate or two, you can join our forums and post an ad for players.

So visit our website at http://www.parasite-lost.com or pop in to our IRC Channel irc.quakenet.org #ons.pst.

We also have a spare UK-based UT2004 and Ventrilo server available should anyone need to use those for a match on our Ladder. Please contact [PST]Miss_B on IRC or our Forums (as much in advance as possible of your match time) if you need to use them.

Thanks everyone Hope to see you all over there.

[PST]Zakalwe (Ross)