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    Originally posted by fuegerstef
    To speak of coherent look and feel, imagine that:

    - Take one of the current UT2k7 screenshots with the Hellbender2 or Manta and either Malcolm or one of the other two bada$$es we have seen.
    - Put a Nakthi/Anubian into that screenshot.

    That's ridiculous. :bulb:
    What Epic should do to the Nakthi, IMO is doing the same as Ubisoft did to Prince of Persia. They should make it more grunge, more heavy metal.

    I did a quick manipulation of UC2's Anubis to illustrate my point.

    And yes, if you look at the first one I agree it would look ridicoulous.
    However I think that something allong the lines of the second on is pretty plausible.


      That's **** cool!


        That does look a whole lot better. I still think the model as a whole looks downright silly though. Are those toes? Man, this guy has a serious case of elephant feet... and what's with the giant shoulderpads? It's no Gorge, but it's pretty close. Also, there seem to be two giant slabs of metal attached to his lower legs for no apparent reason. Is that to limit this guy's speed to make it fair for other competitors? [/rant]

        In closing: Epic, drop the **** illogical armour!


          Boksha, would you like to get burning flak popped into your kneecaps or shoulders? The armour protects vulnerable parts of the body. It looks quite logically put together for me.


            then f*** logic, i wan't manly men.

            one that'll block a punch with his face and catch a bullet with his gonads.

            these are criminals and aliens duking it out for entertainment of the masses

            no armor = more blood

            more blood = more entertaining



              but they duke it out with rocket lanunchers and flak cannons! Give the guys a break LOL

              (I agree though, I like the minimalist armor of UT)


                More armor; bigger; easier to see...



                  HOLY ****!!111 COOL i just came from a little 5 days vacation and i see this
                  thats so cool:cry: :up:

                  edit: its so....big lol

                  lol, whats with the ut2k4 "raptor up" sign


                    lets not forget adding in vikings and knights


                      Originally posted by placebo 3.0
                      I don't think anybody understands just how incredible this will be when you're playing it.
                      They are never as good as the screenshots make them out to be. I know that was not the case with doom 3 and fear for me anyway.


                        Originally posted by AL777
                        In response to placebo, since I'm sick of quoting:

                        As for the city, I'll settle with the fact that we're both entitled to our opinions

                        Personally, I don't like the look. Oh well.

                        As for my comment about the juggernauts: what I see forming is a pattern. We've seen three characters across two classes, and they were all bulky. We've seen a fair deal of the Axon vehicles by now, and they are all obsessively large. We've seen the new shock rifle... even it is immensely long (9 feet?). So, a weapon, three characters, and a few vehicles all share a new, larger size. Judging by this, I'm simply making a reasonable hypothesus that most articles in the game may be large, bulky, and/or heavily armored, which I am a little uneasy about.
                        do you people really think we are gonna play UT2007 with a shock rifle that is longer than the person holding it?

                        ooohhhh god

                        Originally posted by Cenobite
                        ****! Hellbender looks great. Its like I always imagined a hellbender to look like in UT2007. Cant wait to ride it.
                        lol, i could never imagine how`d be the hellbender in 2k7
                        i always knew it would be very different from the first verison


                          woo0o0o0o0o0o00o0! we wait for 4 months and get 3 screenshots! im so excited!


                            actually, the two Hellbender II shots are new, the three showing that red guy don't count, they're from the PS3 matinee with the robot... "-.-


                              Originally posted by Sniper<j) 2
                              Boksha, would you like to get burning flak popped into your kneecaps or shoulders? The armour protects vulnerable parts of the body. It looks quite logically put together for me.
                              Apparently the lower legs and the air above the shoulders are the most vital parts of our body then?


                                Originally posted by Sniper<j) 2
                                The armour protects vulnerable parts of the body.
                                No Armor at head.