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UT vs UT2004 at Lans

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    Originally posted by Xaero*nz
    i think you need to insert about 10 iterations of 'IMO' there
    IMO I think that IMO you don't IMO need to IMO say IMO all the time because IMO it gets really pedantic IMO and I think IMO we can always IMO tell when someone is giving their opinion, IMO.



      I have about 1000 UT99 maps, I had played that game so late that the sun has come up. UT2003 came and went quickly, it sucked... It ran hard on graphics card, its had LAN performance problems and as the developers said "we wanted to balance the weapons evenly" - so you had basicly 8 different looking weapons with the same weak KILL abilities... Sorry, but *I* had more FUN being sniped to death by a hidden enemy in UT99 - than the lame lighting gun attacks, oh - and I sniped too.

      Adding the Sniper Gun in UT2004 gained some points, but STILL - adding smoke (what - smoke?!) was lame. Some servers run MODDED weapons with more powerful sniper and other weapons that are F-U-N!!

      One such server: (onslaught) is which has 24 Torlan varient maps is a good example.

      UT99 was very fun for me. But UT2004 Onslaught sold me since the demo. if the articles are correct in that UT2007 will be more like UT99 with more powerful weapons and less bloody hopping (Low-Grav is far more fun than quad jump) and Jump Boots, no silly power-pills. It will improve the game a WHOLE lot (put a bullet in the head for the power-pill devleoper) Look at the CHAOS MOD for UT99 & UT2004 (only 1-2 servers for UT2004) in which you pick up RELICS that give you extra abilities until you die or throw it away. THAT was FUN STUFF.