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    TAM spammy with more than 10 players

    For the most part, TAM is too spammy with more than 10 players.....that's why we have 2 TAM servers, both with a limit of 10 players.

    Another thing I've found useful is that our 2nd server (which doubles as a practice/scrim/match server) I've configured a votable option where somebody can vote 1vs1 TAM, 2vs2 TAM, 4vs4 TAM, etc. This is really nice because each limits the server to that number of people and you don't have to set a password, or constantly tell people to spectate. I've found this useful cause a lot of times on a public server people want to "1vs1" each other and they can just go to our 2nd server, vote that option, have their match, then vote for 5vs5 TAM when they're done to put the server back to 10 player TAM.

    Seems to be working pretty well.

    Originally posted by Ch1cken
    I think tam would be much better with 10 or less players on a map which actually plays well, instead of these open spaced jokes or worse, customs with fps 5 out:


      Thanks for the update on's appreciated.

      I personally haven't had any problems with Ages, even at 1900x1200 with everything maxxed out, but I know a lot of people that's good news to hear about somebody making a fixed FPS version of it...look forward to updating my copy! :up: :up: :up: :up:

      Haven you seen the Arch Enemy Clan custom TAM map? I personally think it's the best TAM map going.....doesn't get much publicity, but it's DEFINITELY worth a look!

      Originally posted by -AEnubis-
      It's still not textured. They made the lifts bounce you up way too high, and at least they did add a blocking volume for the top, but... even that version is barely refereable as a beta.

      He (ebyte) officially handed the map over to a clanmate of his, who hasn't had much time to put into it. ebyte wants nothing more to do with it (and I don't blame him). I know I'd rather see him release Ages-fps, because that map straight owns, and half the people can't play it because of frames.


        What's it called? I've never heard of the clan, so I can only imagine it's a euro clan.

        Yeah, on ages he used some of the same shaders as are used on albatross which are known to cause problems for specific rigs, the details of which I don't know because I don't have problems with them either. I suggested he scale them to detail level, and he's been working on it, but busy with other things.


          Originally posted by -AEnubis-
          I agree, maps like Grendel, Pipeworks, Goliath and similar maps are way too open. You need maps with both good open spaces, and good cramped spaces, like Rankin, Achilles, Waisten, Goose, etc. Also better to avoid maps with easily campable places, or hiding places, like Goliath, and Deck.
          Actually I find Goliath works very well as a TAM map. It's open for the biggest part, but there's plenty of close range action going on, even in the main rooms. I always seem to manage quite a bit of RL and flak prim/sec damage in it.
          As for the secret rooftop, I've never had a problem with it. If a whole team camps it from the start of the match, it's fairly easy to smoke them out; if only one or two players on a team camp it, the other players on that team will most likely die quicker (no backup) and it'll be a rather one-sided match.
          It's pretty useless as a hiding place as well. Heck, it's first place I look if a match ends in 1v1.
          Also, remember that the liftjump from the rockets is not only way to get up there; you can also get there using the lift in the minigun/doubledamage room. I've gotten quite a few final-kills that way by sneaking up on someone flak-camping at the lift-hole. If you can't manage that liftjump, a biojump will do as well.


            I mostly agree... my only problem starts when the opposing team is overly adamant about camping it, and the rest of my team is only good at feeding them adrenaline.

            Bad for pubs, but not bad at all for organized games. It's a smidge more on the open side, but I have no problems just running rox I do love the way the mid section is designed.


              Originally posted by BeerGut
              Doesn't matter what your maplist is, in TAM it's a never ending cycle:

              Campground version
              Campground different version
              Campground yet another version
              So freaking ture. :up:

              Frogger, I've played on your Custom Servers, and they're great. Please don't be like every other server quoted above. :heart: