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Why do many players stick to TDM

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    Why do many players stick to TDM

    No offense.:up: I'm just curious.
    I've seen many people saying that TDM is what true skill is for. They stick to it very much. From time to time, I feel that their remarks seem like despising other game types (ONS, CTF, AS). They think those are for the noobs.
    A recruiting clan saying "we play Invasion!" will be laughed at.
    Also, I'm not sure if it is related, but seeing so many frag-highlight movies, I find out that "almost" all of them are derived from TDM demos. I've only seen one movie that has some frags from CTF. I've never seen an ONS-focused movie.
    As for Quake3, I play Quake3 too but don't hear that kind of remarks.
    Don't want to cause flame or something. I'm just curious.

    People don't like change. TDM has been along time and for some players making the commitment and starting out at the bottom of another gametype just doesn't sit well with them.

    On the note about not seeing an ONS video:
    ONS frag videos are boring. There are only so many eagle eyes, pancakes, vehicle rampages you can tolerate before it gets boring. Honestly the only thing worth viewing in an ONS video is watching either teams' strat unfold. To any hardcore ONSer this is exciting, but to a common pub ONSer it would just be boring since they most likely have no idea whats going on.


      With regards to the movies, there are quite a few out there with a mix of TDM, CTF and recently TAM (though i guess you could class that as TDM in a way) frags in there, so it's just a case of looking for them.

      Good example, though never finished cos the maker lost motivation, is the one fate movie.

      Example of a CTF movie - the s23 movie.


        More important to people's reaction to you, is how you react to them. I still play DM, but I'm totally in love with VCTF. when I first started, I got rather annoyed at people calling it a noob gametype. Well VCTF, like ONS, has grown like crazy and it's getting into more and more ladders and leagues. It's so much fun, and once people try it and get good at it. You can always find a fill VCTF server, and a lot of the people who made fun of it are now playing it.

        I remember when my clan first started playing VCTF, I pretty much refused because there were vehicles in it. "UT isn't about vehicles!" Like Mostly Harmless said, I was reluctant to change, but once I finally did I was so glad. It's extended my UT shelf life for a long time, and I'm still playing after (OMG) almost 7 years. As long as you and your clan are having fun, that's all that maters.


          I like ONS and Assault and whatnot just as much as TDM, but what I despise is regular free-for-all DM with 3 players or more.

          I don't like how getting killed doesn't mean much unless you're killed by the top ranked player. Not to mention that if you injure someone without killing them, you are giving that point to someone else which can be incredibly frustrating if you land an LG shot and someone comes along with mini.
          FFA DM is all about getting kills fast no matter how you do it, while TDM is about inflicting damage while taking minimal damage yourself.



            'Cos Americans fear change Just kidding......... sorta

            I do agree with the idea that many players have worked hard to become skilled at close-med range foot-fragging, map control, power-up timing, etc. only to find themselves near the bottom of the barrel skill-wise with the introduction of ONS, etc. You'll also notice that it is VERY difficult to introduce new maps into a competitive community, partially because of those same factors.

            Don't understand the anti-TAM mentality until I think about how badly many of the top TDM players have treated up-and-coming TDM'ers --these guys have hurt the spirit of sportsmanlike competition in their own community badly, so why not those of competing gametypes

            I don't agree with the "ONS frag videos are boring" comment --it's just nobody's been creative enough with one yet. I would think the possibilities & ways to get frags are staggering :heart:


              Well the reason I play TDM and the other "old school" gametypes is because I simply dislike the use of vehicles. Dunno why really, I liked onslaught in the beginning since it was something new but after a while it just got boring for me... I also like that such "simple" mechanics can create such a deep experience... I mean many people say that TDM is only about running around spamming with the flak secondary but it takes so much more than that to become good... Guess it's kind of like soccer or something, anyone can do the basics of soccer, they can run and kick the ball so in that way it's very simple but at the same time it takes an incredible amount of skill, tactics and knowledge to moster in order to become really good...


                I enjoy TDM because of its simplicity (and its complexity, depending on how you look at it) but also because of the whole team aspect, especially within competetive leagues, i love having the feeling of having a whole team behind you, covering your back.

                Theres all sorts of interesting things i love about TDM in general, would just take me so long to post them here!


                  Its not about fearing change at all. It's simply about having fun. In my experience, I still am in awe over how another person can simply dominate the game. I really enjoy trying to improve (see Nosnos' analogy). I don't play Double Domination much either. Is that also my fear of change? Nah...

                  TDM is the "meat and potatoes" of FPS (sorry vegetarians ). It's constant, fast and furious battling. It's the baseline. It's why improvements in TDM can carry over into other gametypes.

                  And at least for me, it's the most fun gametype in spite of the fact that it's also the oldest.


                    Originally posted by EggSuckingLeech
                    TDM is the "meat and potatoes" of FPS
                    This is true, along with vanilla DM.
                    And DM skills should form the base for other FPS gametypes

                    On the other hand, I remember quite the backlash when CTF was introduced :down:


                      I'm not saying backlashes are necessary. I just read the first post as a question wondering about the staying power of TDM. My answer: it's fun Chess has been around for a long time too


                        Team Deathmatch and 1on1 DM are always going to be the foundation of the best players out there, regardless of the gametype. All of the best ONS, AS, and CTF players out there competing are also incredibly strong TDMers and Duelers.

                        Mostly_Harmless plays for one of the best (formerly competitive) ONS teams (Pure Gaming) and he, and all of his teammates, except for 2 or 3, can mop the floor with 90% of gamers out there in TDM or 1v1. I also know that this is the case for Griffindor House in CTF and EiF in AS.

                        Anyway, EggSuckingLeech is so right that it hurts, DM skills (read: [at least] Aim, Combat and Map movement and [preferrably] map control) are the foundation of great players from TDM to AS to ONS to CTF. The only gametypes in which DM and TDM don't bear much relevance are the IG gametypes.


                          I am a DM guy myself...and I think DM is "where the skill is"

                          It's one thing to have 6 dudes to pull ur **** outtta a crack...but it's a whole other thing to do it yourself.

                          I respect all player thoug of all gametypes.....

                          If you rule your field it deserves respect.

                          I personally own up about 90% of the time in DM.....I am fair at CTF and ONS, and BR.....Mad at DOM.......Kinda dont like TDM actually....I feel like Im getting help, and or being held back from true pwnage...


                            TDM requires teamwork yet isn't bogged down by the technicality of CTF.


                              Originally posted by placebo 3.0
                              TDM requires teamwork yet isn't bogged down by the technicality of CTF.
                              Technicality of CTF? What are you even talking about? :bulb:
                              Besides, there's stuff in TDM that's totally tedious, like timing weapons and health (the former isn't relevant in CTF, the latter not worth it) or knowing all spawnpoints in the map.

                              Originally posted by Mostly_Harmless
                              On the note about not seeing an ONS video:
                              ONS frag videos are boring. There are only so many eagle eyes, pancakes, vehicle rampages you can tolerate before it gets boring.
                              The same applies to headshots and bioglobs. I've never been a big fan of game movies of any kind tho', but I don't see how ONS is so different from TDM. (besides perhaps that there's less close-range combat, so less opportunity for bioglobs and air-rox)