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Changing single player options

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    Changing single player options

    I know you can go into the system folder and change the default character in the Instant Action mode.

    However, is it possible to change what characters you can use in the SINGLE PLAYER mode? I have seen some that I have loaded available in the Single Player mode in ut04 and was wondering if there is a way I can put certain characters or skins I have downloaded into the Single Player Roster for characters I can choose for my profile. I want to use some of the ones i downloaded like Witchdoctor for example.

    Anybody know?

    Go into system and find the .upl file for the character you want available in single player. Find where it says Menu="" and change it to Menu="SP" for single player.



      Make backup, Anti-TCC (or at least something that does the same job) may kick you for this.


        IMHO it should not kick you, since your downloaded custom model/skin comes with its own .upl-file so you don't have to change original UT content.



          Does this method work for more than one character? I am trying to load more than one I can choose from when I scroll through the choices.

          How do I do this for multiple characters? Where they all stay there and not just one at a time?

          Just unsure..


            To do multiple characters, just repeat what I said on as many .upl files as you want. Like fftunes said, it shouldn't mess anything up, seeing as .upl files, user-made or not, are completely legitimate.



              Player=(DefaultName="WitchDoctor",Mesh=Jugg.JuggMa leA,species=xGame.SPECIES_Jugg,Portrait=WitchDocto r.WitchDoctorPortrait,Text=XPlayers.WitchDoctor,Se x=Male,FavoriteWeapon=xWeapons.RocketLauncher,Body Skin=WitchDoctor.WitchDoctorBody,FaceSkin=WitchDoc tor.WitchDoctorHead,Accuracy=-0.2,StrafingAbility=0.6,Tactics=0.5)

              This is all I am getting i don't see a menu option for the character to use him in Single Player.