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Nostalgic_4B released (FINAL,OMEGA,DONE!)

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    Nostalgic_4B released (FINAL,OMEGA,DONE!)

    Package that was released before (also 4B) was corrupt
    so dl this new one plz;(rockets dont have explosionlight in
    corrupt version)
    EDIT:Some people wonder where to play it online,well try this address:
    (Mostly open in the evening)CET
    Hi,from good to better here it is:

    Changelog from 3E to 4B:

    Option in mutator configuration menu to use UT2004
    or the UnrealTournament Scoreboard.

    Option in mutator configuration menu to use UT2004
    or the UnrealTournament weapons.(Hud will adapt also).

    Rocketexplosion now size as in UT,louder expsnd,flashlight
    spawned,better looking.

    Flakexplosion needed some extra pepper,so added an
    extra effect,(since the flakshell is superhot and it even
    can melt stone on the surfacepart) little flames appear
    in the explosion area where the chunks hit the surface.

    Removed CountryTag code (since CountryTag mutator
    was final and released and can be used as seperate mut)

    SniperShotDamage adjusted (thx for the tip)

    Radius of the weapons 'firesounds' bigger.

    Weaponlight for enforcer and sniperrifle now spawned at
    barrels location (UT2004 default is playercenter).

    Added lighteffect when impacthammer is fired.

    Impacthammer alt fire now able to reflect projectiles,
    also sound and visual effect added when it does reflect

    Sound and visual effect added when players are hit with
    impacthammer primary fire.

    Now also in mp games all pickupbases removed from map

    Added 'one jump mode' in mutator configuration menu.
    (only 1 jump as in UnrealTournament)

    Added jumping height value for 'one jump mode' in
    mutator configuration menu.
    The read me file:

    Nostagic_4B by Bee-nUTcase

    Credits to Miles Asvachin (aka MrEvil) for a part
    of his code in 'Boots of Jumping'.

    This is a mutator(mod if you will) that makes Ut2004 feal a bit
    like UnrealTournament (relased in 1999).

    In this mutator i tryed to fix some things that has frustrated a lot
    of UnrealTournament diehards,and even made them leave Ut2003/2004
    and returning to UnrealTournament.

    Most important things that are responsible for that, are:
    Playersize to small.
    Players Animation.
    Playerskins to dark.
    Weapons are not good visible.
    Gameflow/Smoothness ,the fealing of not being 'IN' the game coussed by the weaker weapons of UT2004,
    even if Unrealtournament weaponsbalance isnt the best,it sure is the most fun to play,and speeds up the gameflow
    giving you faster gameflow.

    My idea was to mix the best of both worlds (maps,sounds,music,physics of ut2004 are nice) a bit and im happy with the result.

    The mutator does not entirely change the game but just gives you the feel of UnrealTournament again.

    some info:

    Dont be fooled by the weaponskins,they look like regulair ut2004 weapons but
    act as in UnrealTournament.
    (there s nothing wrong with UT2004 waeponskins,so lets use it)

    Things that are the same as in UnrealTournament:

    Info below is about previous version (3E)!! Look at the end of
    this readme for changes from 3E to 4B

    Hud (all exept weaponbar).
    Scoreboard (about the same)
    Status Announcer.
    Models,skins,healthamount,respawntime of all health and armor pickups.
    Ammoamount,respawntime of all ammopickups.
    (JumpBoots are spawned in all maps,replacing a healthvial (minihealth-pickup).
    Weapon projectile models as much as possible.
    Weapon decals.
    Damage done by the weapons (i have put a lot of time to make damage same as in UnrealTournament.
    (Remember Weaponbalance is not an issue here,only UT accurate damage).
    Playersize (about 20% bigger then default ut2004 player)
    Bots are normal size(default,bots dont crouch so i made sure they dont get stuck)

    Reskinned ut2004 weapons a bit so they will look like ut weapons more ,also more brightness.
    All healthpickups,weapons,ammo,playerskins brighter.
    Removed replicating netcode variables not relevant to this mutator.

    Ping and packetloss in hud (no need to switch to f1)
    Build in voicepacks for UnrealTournament-Maleone,Maletwo (just to add more atmosphere).
    Bloodtraces by players who are hurt.

    Detailed info about sound and graphics effects added:

    Shooting water with flak,shockrifle will make clouds and a sissing sound appear at
    that location.
    New decal that appear at a location where a player was burned (rocketdamage).
    Humans who are shot by minigun,enforcer,flak will hear a (soft) 'meaty' impactsound.(wtf is that??)
    Robots '' '' '' 'metalish' impactsound.
    Player who were hit and are burning (rocket hit...) and hit water will spawn a cloud and sissing sound also.
    The distance that players are thrown in the air is now more damage-depending,also are the hiteffects
    that are attached to players(smoke,blacksmoke,little flames,small flames).
    All weapon projectiles have better looking 'wallhiteffects'(just a little).
    Mutator has an option to override the decal and blood settings on the clientside,
    making sure clients will play the mutator 'optimal',since lot of players
    dont even know what that setting is for,mutator wont couse any hickups
    when enabling this (Still checking framerate).

    As in UT (6 rockets,6 grenades) exept for the 'tight' mode.(Couldnt fix a prob that occured)

    As in Ut exept that the button on the upperside of the minigun
    will go blink when overloaded.(just an effect).
    Also smoke appears on overload (as it does default) with
    exeption that smokevolume depends on overload time.

    Impachammer (looks like the reg shieldgun in ut2004)
    As in UT exept the leds on the hammer will go
    blinking at 100% load.(just an effect).
    (30% Higher jumps possible then in UT).

    As in UT.

    Installation for regulair players (not planning to use it on a server)

    Copy the files in the folders that come with this mutator to
    the corresponding folders in ut2004.(except the folder "redirect")

    Choose nostalgic_4B in the mutator list

    Have fun.

    Installation for admins (planning to start a dedicated server using a redirect host)

    Copy the files in the folders that come with this mutator to
    the corresponding folders in ut2004.

    Open the file UT2004.ini (in the system folder of UT2004) and look
    for the line:


    Then somewhere below that line add this line:


    Then look in the same file for the line:


    Somewhere below that line add this line:

    RedirectToURL= (copy and paste the line)

    Thats all.

    Included in the package are some other mutators i made for ut2004/2004.

    Nostalgic_4B only supports regulair single deathmatch.(for now)

    Report bugs to (made by a someone who likes my work for demo and ut436)
    Have fun ,bye

    Thanks i am dling now..