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Does UT2004 benefit from HT technology?

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    No, it doesn't.

    AGP8x is more marketing than anything


      tbh you're not going to see much performance improvement. For ut2004 you really need an A64 to get good performance - I have pentium 3.2c running at 3.5 and it only performs about as well as the cheapest A64 you can get (an A64 3000).

      You're best hope is to overclock it - the 2.4c is a classic overclocking chip - you may find it's rock solid at 3ghz with no extra cooling. It's not that hard or dangerous to do, just takes a little knowlege which I'm sure people around here can help you with if you are interested.


        Yeah, overclocking is great

        I just finished building my new rig today

        DFI Lan Party UT nF4 Ultra-D Motherboard
        Opteron 144 socket 939 processor w/ 1MB of L2 cache @ 2.8ghz
        1GB of Dual channel Corsair XMS RAM 2-2-2-5
        An eVGA 7800GT -.-, it was cheap, but I <3 ATi

        And i think that's everything thats significant, I'm hoping it plays UT2007 alright ^^

        If you need any help overclocking i can answer questions you might have