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Quake III maps remade for UT2004

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    why u don't create a pack, or a mod, it's realy logn to donwload map by map and it's not sure to thelink will be all a life !!


      So download now while you can. Go Nuts!


        New link for Q3CTF4 (same map as above): Download link/Discussion thread


          I knew an Invasion server called InterHouse 3 years ago, it had if not ALL, almost every map from a Quake game. And also the monsters were taken from Quake as well. But now it's not on anymore, I'm just here to tell you that there is a load of them but Idk where they are right now.

          Even thought, there are still half a dozen online I believe.


            Just wanted to let people know I just added LIPRampage's DM-LIP-Q3DM17 to the list above. His review will be posted in his thread tonight.


              You should add Quake I and II maps to the list as well. Here are a few Quake series maps I can think of:

              DM-FP-Nictu (Q1 DM1)

              CTF-SpillTheBlood-Rev (Q2 CTF2M3 Custom Map)

              DM-1on1-Aerowalk (Q1-QIII Custom Map)

              DM-1on1-Ilarnek_2k4 (Aerowalk)

              DM-UCMP-BloodRun (Q3 ZTN3Tourney1 Custom Map)

              EDIT: There are several other Quake maps in this thread you don't have listed, including some of the ones I posted.


                Can you add this ? . . .



                  I believe the original poster was asking about Quake3 maps only and I'm fairly certain he only meant default ones in the game. If I start doing Q1 and Q2 and Q3 custom maps, it wil get messy. I do have a couple better ArenaGate maps though.


                    That post was made 9 years ago. I don't think he'll mind, and people were posting about Quake 1 and 2 maps already. From what I can tell some of the custom maps and remakes (like Aerowalk, originally a Q1 custom map) were among the most played, so it's pointless to exclude them.