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    my bad


      Originally posted by BigJim
      @Crispy: If you're in the UK or near enough, add me to your buddies (ßigJim) & join in the game (I'm nearly always playing vctf, sometimes TAM though).
      I'm in no ways leet or anything, but I know from experience that team games lose a huge amount in the translation from playing people to playing bots.

      My connection sucks too, so don't fret it.
      I appreciate the offer, but I'm in the U.S., Michigan. :-\


        I play online and offline.
        I work the midnight shift, Southeast, US and I have a choice of satellite and dial up. The uplink does not work for online gaming (pings around 1000 ms) and dial up to Titans servers is almost as bad. (Not many US servers populated at 10:00 am edt)

        I play offline to learn the maps and practice, so I don't get totally owned when I do play online. Playing against bots is nothing like playing online, but it is better than wandering around an empty map.

        @Crispy: Netscape, Netzero, etc. $9.95 per month dial up.
        Use the uplink to download the maps though, dial up might time out when downloading new maps.
        You can also use the satellite link to spectate online matches with no visible lag. The latency is there, but you won't see it.


          Originally posted by Bjossi
          Aren´t there bots for Quake 2 that learn the maps? Maybe the same could be done for bots in UT2004, therefore making vCTF better for us offline players?
          Never heard about that in a fps, just once in a strategy game (the developers said the were too lazy to botpath every map so they made the bots learning it. :haha: )

          I guess auto-pathing will be sooner or later the future, but I'm very sure that it is very cpu-intense and a lot of code.