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Logitech g5 vs g7

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    Originally posted by Ku.
    +1, get the mx510 or even better mx518


      Get the G5 if you want one, prefer the 510/18 myself..

      If you're worried about cords dragging get one of these.

      Thought they were a joke when i saw them at first but many swear by them...


        Originally posted by Wildt2
        I went from a MX300 to a G7.

        I notice no lag whatsoever - and the problems I dreaded that MX1000 users had complained about, where the tracking went dead a second when the mouse was lifted and put down again is nowhere to be found on the G7.

        On the downside the middle mouse button (press the wheel down) is so bloody tight that I end up tilting it to one of the sides instead. I had to remap my translocator away from the middle button to right tilt instead.

        The sensitivity actually seems worse than the MX300 - it's like it has a tiny dead zone before it registers movement. But I do mean TINY dead zone - it's not anything that affects it's performance in games.

        The weight is just fine, and since it comes with 2 batteries I don't mind how relatively fast they run out of juice. Just make sure to swap to a fresh one before you start your gaming session, and should it die on you, it takes 5 secs to swap.

        I noticed that with the G7's middle mouse button, too. It really doesn't give a nice audible click when I try to use it. I've tried the middle mouse buttons from some of Logitech's other mice -- some click great, but others don't give any audible clicking feedback after I press the wheel. The lack of uniformity and consistency of the clicks made by middle buttons surprises me; I would think that Logitech could make all their mice click easily, audibly, and cleanly. Not that a lack of a nice click from the middle button makes the G7 any less of great mouse. The G7 Laser Cordless is still the best mouse I've owned.