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    Originally posted by STANGFRIIK
    or you would just fall into the abyss and die.
    Ah, the memories.

    Havn't played this in years, I used to pwn.


      This publicity and mass distribution for Red Orc is a good thing; maybe my country will actually set up servers for it! I played Red Orc and I love it, despite the difficulty of using a rifle. But I love a challenge, and this game provides it in spades. I just wish I didn't always have to play against bots, which are a poor substitute for human players; but online for me in servers with >250 ms ping means that the moment I step out of my spawn...BAM!! Herpes.

      The graphics and sound make the game an immersive experience too. I like the design of the soldiers and the animations are lovely. I do, however, wish they'd change the graphic of the German soldier on their mod's main page (standing next to a Russian soldier), because while the Russian certainly looks like he is aiming down the barrel of his rifle, the German looks like he's peering at the MP40 like he's never seen one before.


        Very nice ! :up:
        /me drools @ new screenshots...