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*.:: How should I Overclock My Geforce4 MX440? ::.*

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    The drop in FPS is most likely due to more recent NVIDIA drivers, they're ****e for UT99 on a GF4 MX440. As berserker said, try out 40.72 and see if your prob is solved.

    The overclocking, downloading 3DMark2001-SE etc... is pointless when your card is more than enough for UT99 and doesn't really solve your original problem (your framerate dropping 75fps).


      i did downloading and then install de Drivers v40.72... but de problem is ... maybe these drivers dont support my GPU... Also my card is a mixture of 2 cards, tht is GeForce 4 MX440/MX440-SE... rest i'll try... Thx again for ur help...


        Here is my 3DMark Result...
        System Configuration
        Operating System Microsoft Windows XP

        DirectX Version 9.0

        Mobo Manufacturer ASUSteK Computer INC.

        Mobo Model <A7V>

        AGP Rates (Current/Available) 4x / 1x 2x 4x

        CPU AMD Athlon(tm) Processor 857 MHz

        FSB 100 MHz

        Memory 512 MB

        Graphics Chipset NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440

        Driver Name NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440

        Driver Version

        Video Memory 64 MB

        Program Version 3DMark2001 SE

        Resolution 1024x768 32bit

        Texture Format Compressed

        FSAA Disabled

        Z-Buffer Depth 24bit

        Frame Buffer Double

        Rendering Pipeline D3D Hardware T&L

        Detailed Test Results
        3DMark Score 3449 3D marks

        Game 1 Car Chase - Low Detail 66.6 FPS

        Game 1 Car Chase - High Detail 17.4 FPS

        Game 2 Dragothic - Low Detail 72.2 FPS

        Game 2 Dragothic - High Detail 28.8 FPS

        Game 3 Lobby - Low Detail 62.2 FPS

        Game 3 Lobby - High Detail 25.9 FPS

        Game 4 Nature No hardware support

        Fill Rate (Single-Texturing) 530.6 MTexels/s

        Fill Rate (Multi-Texturing) 1030.8 MTexels/s

        High Polygon Count (1 light) 24.5 MTriangels/s

        High Polygon Count (8 lights) 7.6 MTriangels/s

        Environment Bump Mapping No hardware support

        DOT3 Bump Mapping 89.3 FPS

        Vertex Shader 25.3 FPS

        Pixel Shader No hardware support

        Advanced Pixel Shader No hardware support

        Point Sprite 11.7 MSprites/s


          Frankly I don't see why those drivers would not support your GPU, I had an MX420 (PCI even) and it was detected just fine.
          If it's really an NVidia GPU it'll work, hybrid or not.

          Well, tbh what I would do is find a driver as close to that version as possible that works for your card..

          But that error, it said "Some functions may not operate properly".. does that mean it didn't install, period? Or did it? It may not mean anything in the real world..

          I see you are using 6177 right now.. And honestly, that's gonna account for a lot of your framerate issues.


            well the drivers were installed of v41.72.. The drivers worked the same, but the GeForce4 MX 440 settings menu worked in a freaky way!
            should I attach an extra fan on my GPU with an external power?
            I have one fan with the following specifications:

            50/60 Hz

            (this fan was detached from an old PC's power assembly) LOL

            if you get a good driver, I will be thankful to you...


              Give this driver a try 43.45 I seem to remember having good results with these.

              I can't find my old notes, but I think I got about 7200 3dmarks with my gf4 mx420 overclocked ( I can't remember How high an overclock I got )

              I wouldn't worry about the fan at this point. Try getting an older driver working, and your 3dmark score up first. If you do hook the fan up, I think I'd try to put it at the end of the card blowing across the heatsink , then remove a couple pci slot blanks to let the hot air leave the back of the comp.


                *.::I use an mx440 on my linux box, non overclocked, and it runs UT99fine, even 2003::.*
                *.::I guess that may be because tis on linux, and my drivers are different::.*
                *.::Seriously, i think if you plan on buying any games 2004+ that it will probably die, and your CPU isnt sounding too great either::.*

                *.::Get my point? you dont need to use these around your title::.*


                  Re: *.:: How should I Overclock My Geforce4 MX440? ::.*

                  Originally posted by BadGuy
                  card name: Geforce4 MX440
                  manufacturer: Nvidia
                  video ram: 64mb
                  card cooling: stock
                  voltage: stock
                  stock core/memory clock speeds: 270/400

                  how much over clock should i make my video card?
                  previously i used GeForce2 MX 400.. everything was at stock settings and i was getting 128 Fps in UT99, but after reinstalling my window, im getting lower than 50 fps on GeForce2 MX 400.
                  now i have installed Geforce4 MX440 and im having the same problem!

                  help me with what should i do next?
                  I used to have a geforce 4 mx (64mb)and had it overclocked.

                  My system wass a p3 1000 mhz,256 mb ram and a gf4mx.

                  When i bought ut2k3(on release) on some maps(flux2 for example) whit lots of players and shooting on screen my frames dropped very low unless all the settings where set to low.

                  After some patches and driverupdates it went a lot better and could play ut2003 at high settings(even on holy **** but on some maps the framerate still got low).

                  Then i overclocked the graph. card to 300 - 420mhz instead of the normal 270 - 400 and i gained almost 10 fps in ut2003.The system ran ut2003 very fine and i liked that gf4mx its a better card as most people think but its getting a little aged now.


                    I got an MX420 glued to the side of my toaster. It's not very fast, but looks good. (The toaster that is)...


                      Originally posted by Chiln_Viln
                      You would get better UT2004 performace from a Ti4200.


                        I use a 4400Ti, and play quite well, even most new games run quite well. The constant updates in graphics cards and pricing is a load of *******s. By the time such a card becomes affordable, it's out of date for the newest eye candy game by an nvidia/ATI sponsor.