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    They're all playing ghey games like Quake 4 or Battlefield2


      Most people here won't remember me but I agree with the original poster. I pretty much quit playing since Cain shut down his CTF server...

      It all ****** me off too, I still really wanna play...


        And this is why I am extremely grateful for e-Fractionary, and that I :heart: Rankin enough to play demo servers from time to time.


          Originally posted by Abilio_KID
          I really don't understand at all your reply Flak. Actually I thought you were one of the few still worth paying attention to in this forum. Not because I know you or played with you (I didn't) but for the maturity of your posts and/or replies. Now this... weird.
          Please explain why I don't deserve UT.
          LOL, dude calm down he was obviously joking. :bulb:


            I already know she was joking

            On topic, yesterday I managed to find a server to hang out for a while. Well, it was LGI 135% with adrenaline!!! but what a heck, it had people. I was playing badly yesterday, lagging or not, I was pretty much sucking. However someone still managed to call me a cheater while speccing me killing a noob:bulb: