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    Going from mechanical mouse to optical was a huge leap for me. I had actually switched the other way when I started UT2k4 because I wasn't used to the optical.

    Getting Broadband and a decent vid card (TNT2-32 to 9600XT-128) sure helped too.

    That's all technology, though. The best techniques I learned (from watching pro demos) were the LG/Shock double whammy and the wall-dodge while falling or elevator jumping.


      Ok here is a little different problem of mine. Having hunted and shot real guns all my life since i was 9 i have in 55 years develpoped very good aiming skills and i know when the crosshairs are on the target or whatever to pull the trigger and it is hit . BUT in online games this is not true with any weapon except pretty close in instant action and so i just can not break the habit of aiming right on the target and my game has always suffered for it (in otherwords i suck) untill i can learn to lead and anticipate where the enemy will be online ,all the weapon binds and other things listed in this thread will not help is very fustrating....


        Drinking more Belgian Ale seems to have helped.


          Originally posted by Luv_Studd
          Using both hands to play.
          Reminds me of the good old days. Doom 95 with one hand.


            fov 110