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Spawn Killing is not Dum

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    Originally posted by <=N1GHTW1SH=>
    Counter-Strike is the spawn kill crybaby game. Not UT2k4. WE ARE MEN. NOT INFANTS.
    Thats true. First if you know how to play the game its easy to take care of spawn killers. Secondly when I have to deal with a spawner killer I usually say "fu**ing spawn killer/s then continue playing without *****iing like some Flunky.


      Re: Re: Spawn Killing is not Dum

      (vague dribbling)
      Originally posted by Exit
      By crikey, that was hard to follow.

      If your sentiment is that spawn camping is occasionally a good idea, then yes, I suppose that might infrequently be the case in Onslaught or the like.

      Having said that: paragraphs, proper spelling and conventional punctuation all help the older lurker such as myself to follow your train of thought.

      /Exit is clearly a bit simple.
      i never want to makes stuffs too easy fer people to knows me tricks.

      but some fellow did say somthing about driving a tank all the way across a map and what is he to do other than to spawn kill....

      there are other nodes to spawn to other than the one you want to go to... and if you know some one is spawn camping as it were then dont spawn there or dont get killed when you spawn ...

      but all in all play the game to win there is no honor in the game just at the end when you should not talk trash and just be a good sport.


      ps. some spawn killing will help your team loose a game when your not realy helping. example spawnkilling is some ones base when there is no need to.


        Originally posted by NicAgent

        P.S. Another good and sneaky spawnkilling tactic is to load an enemy tank with grenades, wait for it to be loaded with two (or perhaps even more) players and blow it up with Grenade Launcher Alt Fire.
        that wouldn't be spawn killing if they have a chance to get loaded up and get in a vehicle


          Originally posted by NicAgent
          Sorry, but I sure hope you are considering the fact that about 90% of UT 2004 players today haven't been playing that long. Just think about it. Do you think it was like stores only sold the game for one day (16 March 2004) and then stopped selling it?

          That includes me, I've only been playing for approximately 1 year.

          No offense, but that's the fact.

          But yes, I'm sure there are avid players out there who know how to get around spawnkillers.
          No offense, but had you read what you quoted more carefully, you may have found a disclaimer... watch for the orange birdy.....
          Originally posted by Carinae
          You'd think that after (up to) 1.5+ years of playing ONS more players would've clued into any of the several ways to avoid being spawn-raped :noob:
          I've been playing (mostly on pubs) for almost a year as well. And dealing with spawn-killing is just one of those things you find a solution to after a couple minutes thought once you know the basics and have been freshly spanked in memorable manner by a tank/manta/mine/LG *****. Even more enlightening is using search right here in the good ol' INA where you're certain to find approximately 761,948 threads dealing with that very issue.

          The only real problem to me personally are mine whores at the base, 'cause I only have to fail a weak saving throw before I'm chasing the offending party around with my shield gun

          Spawn killing is a valid tactic that in ONS can be countered/negated like many others.

          And just to clarify my earlier point should it confuse any others, I highly doubt that most peeps playing UT2k4 now are rank beginners.


            Originally posted by Carinae
            And just to clarify my earlier point should it confuse any others, I highly doubt that most peeps playing UT2k4 now are rank beginners.
            There is definitely a new wave of beginners out there. I have seen some frankly incredibly naive gameplay in pub ONS servers lately. I am no super-expert, but I mean, people trying to charge nodes with scorpion-gun... :noob:

            There are a large number of experienced players and a large number of total beginners. That is why pub ONS tends to go hugely one-sided.

            As for other gametypes, I think there are less of the new players.

            Oh and on topic: Spawnkilling sucks when it's happening to you, but it's perfectly valid. Try not to let yourself get in the situation. :up:


              <-- Starting to think this thread should have involved a vote. I would have been curious what the results would have been when looking at the above comments.

              As for me, I used to complain about it but now I just consider it apart of the game. Right or wrong is for forum argument. No matter what your position is on camping, spawn killing, whatever... it is something that eventually everyone should get better at defending themselves against.

              If not, enjoy getting low scores and horrible ELO ratings.

              I am not trying to be all superior here. I am still just an average player at best but but consider the above all true and just try to get better at dealing with this element of the game.


                Originally posted by Snuggins
                There is definitely a new wave of beginners out there.
                That would be great if true. Come to think of it last time I pubbed on a popular server there were more people that seemed completely lost than I was expecting. I was fired on by my teamates on three occasions in 10 minutes...... I was definitely guilty of that when I first started playing :bulb:


                  There is always noobs, there are noobs in UT GOYE right now.



                    Ever play a Board game or checkers ... those have rules while you play.

                    in a Computer game any thing in the game that is aginst the rules is programed out. if it can be done in the game then its is not aginst any of the rules .



                      i was going to say somethign, but then i realised most of you are talking about the gametype ONS. so then my enthusiasm for posting my statements severely dropped.


                        In ONS I also try not to spawnkill. Even if I'm standing near a node in my tank. But that's because I know the guys I'm playing with, and we all have fair play on mind. Usually.

                        That said, in the rare case that I'm camping a node with my tank, I'll let a guy spawn, and won't shoot him. Unless he starts plugging at me, then it's *BANG* *splut*

                        I can imagine situations where spawnkilling is a fair tactic and should simply be allowed. However, I can imagine many more situations where spawnkilling is cheap. Especially if it happens All The Time.

                        What it boils down to in the end I think, is: Spawnkilling good or bad ? Depends on the situation.

                        I dont like it. But thats my personal opinion. Feel free to differ.


                          just try to get better at dealing with this element of the game.
                          I totally agree with Total_Hate.
                          When I began to play iDM I was always ****** off by players using spawnkilling as a way of scoring.So I tried to improve my moves and increase my FPS.
                          Recently (a few days ago) after a match, I made myself that reflection:
                          No more spawnraped?Have peeps dropped that way of playing?
                          So I clicked on F2 and read:
                          -stop spawnraping,its lame
                          -spawnkilling this way is a shame
                          -u f***spawnraper
                          and so on...
                          There is no less spawnraping in games,its only I've learnt to deal with it.