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    Slaughter's Place

    Now that the obligatory week of mourning for Cain's Lair ONS has passed, I thought I'd do a little pimping of the new server where many of the CL regulars are playing.

    "Jerry, you need to go to Slaughter's Place Onslaught!"

    The server is located in Atlanta, GA, with 30-player max and 2-spec slots. We're player friendly (all skill levels welcome) and operate with the same rules and philosophy. If you've been to Cain's or Titan's what that means is asshats need not apply.

    Mutators/add-ons are UTAN, Chat Filter/Logs, RSS Feeds and PowerCoreVolumeControl. Other than that, nothing weird. Maps include oldies and new maps. We'll change it up on a regular basis to keep things fresh. I have the best of the CL ONS admins on staff. My right-hand man is KurlonT , whom many may not know by name, but by the wonderful ONS map key guides he has created.

    We're small now, but growing. Come join us at [ut2004][/ut2004]. There are exciting times yet to come!

    Very lag free for a 30 player server. It's nice to see all the people that used to frequent Cains show up. Two thumbs up for Slaughter & KurlonT!! Come join the fun.


      Wrong side the pond still.


        For the "right side of the pond" large player number ONS come and visit us.

        Slaughter's a top chap - we're looking forward to UTAN2 where we can share the ban lists


          Thanks Piggeh. We are looking forward to having a mixer on our side of the pond with you blokes!


            Excellent! Looking forward to the invite


              Mini Mini Review!

              The rating is a maximum of 5/5 thumbs up the lowest is 1 thumbs down aka 1/5.

              Maps: 5/5 :up: - (Most of the maps were sweet but others were frequenlty played maps but who doesn't love those type of maps it shows that map/s is popular .

              Gameplay (aka online stability): 4/5 :up: - The first time the game never lagged but with more complex and visually pleasing maps it started to stutter for around 2-3 seconds (i timed it). Even though some great servers lagg at times, it should keep up with its dead brothers Cain's Lair server online stability. Also I have Bellsouth Extreme DSL and only around 5 miles away from the closest station so it shouldn't have been a problem and I have 1gig of Corsair XMS memory so that should back up my saying. I hope they fix this issue fast and others can vouch for me who has played there for more than 2 hours.

              Players (From what I've seen) 5/5 :up: The players here are great! They have answered every nooby question that I asked them for testing how far they can get until being annoyed. Might I add that they are skilled from medium thru high but not extreme (that's good for you casual players or people who are lookning for a good a challenge ) But that doesnt mean that there are some problems with some of them and I mean some. The only problem is that some players (lets say 25%) are lone wolfes so you team players beware! All in all this server will create good times and defienently gain awsome friends.

              Administrator/s: 5/5 - No administrator asshat or overpowerment involved. There was no booting and everything went well. They were great and hope they stay great too!

              Overall: 95% out of 100% 4.75/5 - This just like its deceased bro Cain's Lair, is wonderful. Great people, Awsome maps, good administration, and well rounded online connection. I would advise you to add this to your favorites if you haven't already and stop reading this review leave your web browser and start fraggin. And speaking of fraggin the server should have a slogin which should be "No laggin, Keep Fraggin" cause that's exactly what you will be doing. So long and I'll be playing on this badass server now.

              P.s. My online name is Unreal.Train and I hope to see you there .


                Finally made it here!

                Please come over and take a gander at Slaughter's Place! The Cain's Lair tradition is in good hands here with a lot of the CLRs making their way over.

                Server is stable and performing great!

                If you are into great competitive ONS without the asshats, then Slaughter's Place is where you want to be.

                Make sure you also visit the Slaughter's Place Forum at

                Hope to see you soon!


                  I know Slaughter from the Lair and he's a great guy, you play on his server and you'll defiantly have a good experience. If you like playing maps that have no choke point link setups, then you should defiantly check it out. You'll see allot of great team players there also.


                    If you love large scale ONS as I do Slaughter's should be your new venue.:up: :up:


                      Update On Review!!

                      Review Update!!

                      Popularity 4/5 :up: :down: - Even though this server is brand new it should have had no problems with getting players in this server. Especially with the rep of Cain on its side this is quite unusual for this server to have an average of only 10 people on it's server. But it seems that more people play during the mid afternoon then starts to deplete during around 10:00pm eastern time (which could be bad for you late night cain lair fans especially me). So saying that it could grow within a week. In fact it will grow in a matter of days. Just thought you should be informed


                        I would just like to say that the CLR and SPR people should sign up for the upcoming Onslaught Mixer. Its a good way to get to know even more people in the community and is a lot of fun. Also, its not just standard maps played as the majority of maps are custom maps, which tend to spice things up a bit. Hope to see you guys there.


                          I know I will join in... thanks for the invite.


                            There were a few CLR folks in the last Mixer, and they added a lot to the whole experience. I hope even more of you peeps will join in the fun this time around.


                              Sounds like a blast! I didn't get a chance to participate last time but plan to this time around, schedule permitting.

                              As for Slaughter's Place popularity, I guess it just takes time for a new server to establish itself. Being one that has played there (pretty well exclusively) since its inception, I can say that it is gaining in popularity and fills up more regularly. I don't usually get to play until about 9 or 10pm EST.

                              Note that Slaughter is more adventurous in trying out new maps than Cain was so there is always something new to check out. Keeps everything fresh.

                              Hope to see you there soon!