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    Originally posted by HeCTiC 6ft dp
    I was thinking about it but no worries Cursive, there won't be any extra fees added towards your private training sessions and your weekly classes will remain as scheduled.
    :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:
    Nice one Hectic. ;D

    Umm, on-topic I dunno; ping-rape only is really an issue for me in a 1v1 as I ping around 110 all the F****ing TIME as I got screwed over by where I live (very poor infrastructure here). :sour: That being said, if you keep at it, eventually you can see past the misrepresentation on your screen created by the lag and still manage to hitscan & execute comboes,etc. Takes a lot of patience but it's worth it. :>


      Re: Fairness



        Originally posted by Abilio_KID
        Nappe, it's always nice to see another person who has no clue what he/she is saying. For your little info, bandwith has got nothing to do with ping. For once and for all put that thing in your mind.
        When you say you have 10mbps it means how much data you can send per second at max. Doesn't mean that data will travel faster. Ask here how many have upgraded from 512kbps to 1mbps or more and saw no improvement in pings. Do a Google search on the concept of ping (and UDP btw) and then make your conclusions.
        Have you even read my last reply at all? See, I have a 6mbps line that I can use fully any time of the day. However I have to go to foreign servers to find one decent server and that, of course, increases my ping.

        Your comment is at minimum pretty stupid.
        Yes I know that bandwidht has nothing to do with ping. The adsl2 part was the thing I was tying to point up. It really has helped me with my ping. I had a 256/256 line and pinged about 32 to my favourite duel server and after I got this new line I ping about 20.

        And yes I understand that you might have to play with a high ping but why should someone with a good ping leave the server just because you decided to play late? Im not sure if you even were talking about that low pingers should leave but thats what this topic seems to be about.


          ok ping can be an issue, somtimes in clan wars i get 100+ (**** russians ^^) . But if u are really better then em even -+90 u can still take em no prob. only above 100 things get really unplayable. Thing is if players are at the same skill level, you will get owned, but if u make such posts i dont think thats the case.


            Closed because of flaming.