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Retreating + Stocking On Shields = Cheap?

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    Originally posted by BTCOMM
    How much more wimpy can you get, when you get killed by a girl with pigtails and a pink little dress?
    I don't know. Show me.


      No! Using any pickup/power up is cheating!
      Oh, and drop that weapon too!



        Originally posted by Sphinx
        i for one know those .0001's of a second DO matter ingame
        Heh, I've never found a use for it since the clock doesn't display tenths of seconds, and usually the moment a powerup spawns there's a triple rocket there as well.

        Originally posted by Sphinx
        and the tables of x1 x2 and x3 still go
        Yep, they're actually multiples of 30 divided by 1.1. For some reason Epic decided that at 100% gamespeed all time that passes between frames is multiplied by 1.1 and not 1.0 as you'd expect. :bulb:

        Originally posted by Sphinx
        but you still havent told me what the time of megahealth was
        It's the same as the 100a AFAIK.


          Originally posted by RoadKillGrill
          its called stratagy, if you dont like it play tam
          zing! nice one roadkill. :up:


            Originally posted by Sphinx
            same goes for weapons and health, all 27.5 secs

            1x27.5 secs= 50a, weapons, vials, health etc.
            2x27.5 secs=55 secs= 100a
            3x27.5 secs=82.5 secs= amp

            since i play UT1 mainly now wich has different times, i cant help giving you any times on the megahealth, since i simply dont remember :P
            Sweet. I'm gonna save that to my HD so I don't forget.

            Sphinx rulezkthx. :up:

            P.S. And all the comments on the "lameness" of retreating are teh LAWL.:haha::up:


              another vote of support. It's part of the game. Why would you engage if you know you're gonna die?

              and btw, it's not like running away is always a slam dunk. That shield only last so long and if he could move, he should be able to catch you.

              ...all part of the game...


                lame running cheaters


                  Originally posted by Tropic
                  lame running cheaters



                    Running away and other such cowardly actions such as stocking up on shields should be punishable by death. Defecting to the other side and proclaiming "Give me liberty or give me the mystery meat of the cafeteria!" should also be proclaimed as sentencable by death (or a copious amount of huffing at least). Anyone found running away from rockets or flak or any such weapon (including the slack jawed bumblebee of Ackbar) should be prosecuted to the Nth degree. The whole potato and the entire seafood cocktail thrown in for benefit. Upon committing such a deplorable action many rabid monkies of dubious origin should be let loose within the offenders house. George Zimmer must also ban the culprit from wearing any of his delightfully dapper suits in public settings. As a modest proposal I also suggest consuming babies as they are delicious and nutritious.


                      :bulb: :weird: :haha:


                        I find that i play better when I dont feel like trying and just go all crazy limp with my arms, but my aim sucks with lightning gun more that way (or in any case as of late :cry: )


                          "Run away, and live to fight another day!"


                            Originally posted by RoadKillGrill
                            its called stratagy, if you dont like it play tam


                              Re: Retreating + Stocking On Shields = Cheap?

                              Originally posted by Savages_Wolf_
                              Hey All,

                              I been playing with a friend online in some 1v1 battles and he always complains about it beeing cheap when I run from battle when I have low health or when I stock up on shields.

                              Example on one map DM-CBP1-Elegance and doing some heavy shooting, me with :heart: Shock Riffle :heart:, him with lightning gun, and he lands a few shots on me and im down to 12 health. I dont think its wise to stay in battle because if he lands 1 more shot im done for, so I simply back off and hit a few health powerups and continue to fight. Would you say thats cheap?, smart? tactial? Do you guys just keep playing untill one person falls or do you retreat when nessasary?

                              Also I dont really time the shields, but I will head to them when I think they have respawned. I believe they are just another factor of the game and if your smart enough to grab them you may tip the scale in your favor. I dont think shields are cheep do you?

                              Ugh, maybe im a newb or maybe I need some new UT2K4 Friends :bulb:

                              Nothing available to both parites is cheap. It's called playing smart.


                                Your question about "retreating during fight to stay alive" reminds me a sentence from the great (and old) game "Wings" of Cinemaware, when you land your plane quitting fight with others enemy fokkers :

                                "there is honor in victory, there is honor in defeat and there is honor in just staying alive"

                                Dunno if everyone agree on that but that's still a sentence to think over